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Error - This program has been damaged by a bad sector of the hard drive."

posted by kevinliu2336 on - last edited - Viewed by 4.2K users
When i start the game i get the message, "This program has been damaged by a bad sector of the hard drive or by a virus . Please Reinstall It" well i have reinstalled it about 10 times and have tried 4 different mirrors and did a virus scan and still no dice. my specs are

CPU: Intel celeron D 2.66 GHz.
Memory:1,024 MB.
Video card:Nvidia 5200 256mb.
Direct X:9.0c
Hard drive 300gb. Seagate
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  • Okay, then, I should have said if it RUNS with the virus protection turned off.

    I don't understand exactly what you did. It ran on your laptop, which doesn't have McAfee? Then you tried on your desktop and it worked at first, but then stopped working?

    It can be hard to troubleshoot a problem like this when you're not standing in front of the person's computer. I'm just trying to get enough information so we can figure out what's going on here.
  • Hi guys,

    Someone in the office has McAfee so I had him test it, and he didn't get the same error. If you could tell us anything more about your systems (and also the version number of McAfee, when you did your last update, etc.), that would be very helpful.

    Anyone who hasn't posted yet but is reading this thread and has had this problem... please chime in! The more we can find out about the problem, the better equipped we'll be to fix it...

    Here's what Dave B., who tested it here, says about his McAfee:
    Apparantly my McAfee is up to date. I only have anti-virus and anti-hacker though, I dont have anti-abuse software or anti spam.
    Do either of you have anti-abuse software or anti-spam turned on?
  • Hi again...

    We're starting to think this might be related to AOL's version of McAfee. Is anyone else who had this problem using the AOL version of McAfee?

    Please chime in... we won't be able to diagnose this until we get some more info from the people having the problem. Thanks.
  • Hi everyone,

    We just learned this morning that this error is caused by antivirus software detecting the game as a virus (even though it isn't). We're trying to get more information but in the meantime, one solution would be to turn your virus software off before running the game.

    There are also some workarounds that we've been provided with but they depend on what antivirus software you're using. If you could tell us that, we might be able to suggest a workaround that will resolve this.

    Please understand that this is not an error with our software, it's a conflict between the activation system (which is made by another company) and certain antivirus programs (which are of course completely out of our control). This makes it extremely difficult for us to track down the problem. The fact that it's taken a little while for us to figure out what's going on isn't because we don't care, it's because we honestly don't know what the issue is and sometimes don't even know where to start looking.

    Anyway, we've been told it could be a couple of months before this can be resolved. If you don't want to run the game with your virus protection turned off and would rather get your money back, send an email to [email][/email] and request a refund (explaining why). Thanks.
  • I am experiencing the same error with Episode 1(see attachment). Episode 2 executes with no problems.

    I am running Windows XP with AOL Safety and Security Center ver As I understand it, this is actually McAfee anti-virus.

    I have tried turning off Virus Protection and running Episode 1. I have also tried turning off Virus Protection deleting and reinstalling Episode 1. I still get the error message.

    There does not appear to be a way to actually turn off AOL Safety and Security. I stopped all related services from the Services control panel and ended all AOL/AV processes through the Task Manager, but it still won't run.

    It was mentioned in Emily's last post that there are work arounds. Do you have work arounds for AOL Safety and Security Center?
  • I hope to get more information about this problem this week. AOL's version of McAfee is definitely one that seems to be experiencing problems.

    Interesting that episode 2 is working for you but not ep1. I have had a lot of reports of ep1 working but not ep2.
  • Hi All!

    I've had Episode 1 Installed on my PC since it became available on the Telltale website. Today, my virus checker has started to flag it.

    I'm using Avira AntiVir Personal Edition Premium,
    and on Engine Version, VDF Version

    I've had to agree to quarantine the exe because AntiVir won't stop complaining about it! It's not too bad for now 'cause I've long finished it, but I will want to play it again sometime, probably after Episode 4. Will this be fixed with VDF updates? What's happened with the McAfee problem? And this won't be a problem for new Episodes will it?
  • Are you getting a specific error message from the virus software? What virus is it complaining about?

    We can get the company that makes the activation software to contact virus companies and ask them to fix this, but it has to be done on a case by case basis. I have no idea if it'll be a problem with other episodes but if the more specific information we can provide to the activation software people (for them to send on to the virus protection people), the better the better chance that this will get fixed.
  • This morning, AOL issued an update to the AOL Safety and Security Center. This appears to have fixed my problem. I can run episodes 1, 2, and 3. The version number of AOL Safety and Security Center is

    I hope this information is helpful!
  • Thank you for letting us know!

    I had heard that AOL might be fixing this soon, but wasn't sure about the timeframe.
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