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W & G Walkthrough.? Where is it?

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Many times Guides get released before the game touches the same shelf.
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  • jared25 wrote: »
    Many times Guides get released before the game touches the same shelf.
    If you are stuck somewhere, you usually get support here on the forum very quickly. - But why do you need a walkthrough for a game with such easy puzzles anyway? ;)
  • HELP!!!

    Last night I was able to successfully enter the stage to give Paneer the message. However now Wallace only comments how entering the stage does him "No Good". How can I get Wallace up the stage so I can give him the message?
  • I like to play telltales short adventure games as if it were a movie and just walk right through them. I Hate hearing any charachter say the same thing twice. What else is there to say about walkthroughs.
    There expected the moment a game is in your hand.
  • I talk to myself enough already where is the walkthrough. Telltale! this could be big money start selling gameguides. if for no other purpose but because there paper and in color and collectible. no pun or whatever intended implied or stated
  • I guess Telltale is too busy with the "Monkey Island" release right now (only 2 weeks to deadline):
    • no walkthrough for W&G episode 3 published yet
    • no fixes for the known issues in W&G episodes 1 and 2 available yet
    • no upgrade for W&G from one episode to the whole series available yet
  • This is all fun waiting for Monkey Island 5 but where is the W & G walkthrough for 3rd episode.. !
  • They've taken so long to make it available, I've not managed to complete Muzzled without their assistance of a Walkthrough - so I'm feeling considerably better!
  • Now that ToMI is out does that mean we get the walkthrough for muzzled?
  • I'm surprised the walkthrough isn't up still...very strange...
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