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On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers

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So, while I am waiting for my copy of this book to arrive (move faster, Amazon) , I was wondering how many people have read this, the original inspiration of Monkey Island according to Ron Gilbert (and also mentioned as an inspiration for the upcoming Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island)...

Have you read it? Did you enjoy it?
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  • Read it and enjoyed it really a lot! Suggested reading for all MI fans :)

    (4/4 stars in my anobii library)
  • I read it last week. It really is great book, very engrossing, much more serious in tone than I was expecting. It reads much more as historical fiction than fantasy. The swamp sequence is just stunning
  • Darn it... why doesn't Romania import good books!?!?!
  • I'm on my second reading of it now. (The first time was about 2 years ago or so). It's a great book, and you can definitely see a lot of the influences of Monkey Island, but Treasure Island will always be my favorite in the pirate genre.

  • I have read it too.. Its a great book. There are definite themes similar to Monkey Island but I think people expecting a goofy story would be sort of disappointed. But people looking for a great Pirate story with a touch of magic this book is fantastic.

    Some other Pirate books I can recommend for the Monkey Island fan are

    The Pirates! in and adventure with scientists, and sequels
    by Gideon Defoe

    The Pyrates, by George Fraser

    Peter and the Star Catchers, and its sequels by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, its a "childrens novel" but its pure fun.
  • I'm constantly reading this book. It's very good! Piratey and voodooy - very Monkey Island. You can really tell where the inspiration comes from.

    Although one problem, I always picture the scenes in the book in SMI style with Shandy as Guybrush. It's weird - anyone else do that?
  • you guys makes me want to order that book but i'm flat broke.
    I hate you all :mad:
  • No I picture Shandy as someone like Clive owen. Seems smart but gets pretty tough if pushed.
    Astro Gnocci;162725 said:
    you guys makes me want to order that book but i'm flat broke.
    I hate you all :mad:
    I literally bought my copy used from Amazon for $0.25 and shipping some time ago.... Now it seems that the book is priced really high on amazon and ebay... glad I bought it when I did.
  • Well, finally got my copy yesterday, so I will try to start reading it during the weekend...
  • Confession: I was semi-indifferent about Tim Powers despite all the wonderful things I'd heard about Declare. This novel may very well persuade me otherwise. The excerpt I read from Last Call a couple days ago wasn't exactly a deterrent, either.

    So thank you, thread, for making me aware of this book's existence! :D
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