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  • excuse me but I started a thread about every Monkey Island game "did you try" list already: http://www.telltalegames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9332&
    so please can I or you transfere your ideas in this thread?
  • I'll replay it and this time i'll beat the evil wind riddle by intention, arrrr!
  • Ah, sigh. And so it´s over - for now... can´t await next month... seems like given my helplessness to solve certain puzzles at times I happened to have found out most of the a.m. things, lol, (not all though!) and now I had to smile or even laugh again thinking of those situations ;) great job so far Telltale!!!! I already loved that 1st chapter although I also will have to replay it as I obviously missed a few of the "did you try´s"...

    did anybody figure out what that swordfish is all about?
  • Did anyone try hitting Tab while strapped to the chair in DeSinge's lab?
  • Yup. Some smarmy comment about not being able to reach into his pants, I think...
  • When having set sail with the ship, look at the puddle of tar after getting stuck.
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