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Telltale order

posted by Pinoudou on - last edited - Viewed by 460 users

I've ordered December 10 Sam & Max Poster Prints. I live in France and I don't know when my order will arrive at home.
Could you tell me more about my order (it's a gift for Xmas).

See you soon,

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  • Hi Adeline,

    Your order shipped on 12/11, so it's only been 6 days (the post office isn't open on Sunday). Under normal circumstances, these shipments are supposed to take 7-14 days (according to the post office). Unfortunately some have been taking much longer than that, more like 4-5 weeks. I'm afraid you probably won't get them in time for Christmas (but we can hope!)

    Please post here to let us know when they arrive.
  • Hi !

    First, happy new year 2007.

    My order isn't arrived yet and I'd liked to know if I can wish to have it soon...
    Is there a way to know where is my order ?


  • Hi Adeline,

    We only have a limited number of poster prints left so I'd like to wait a few more weeks and see if your order arrives. I will send you a replacement if it doesn't, but I don't want to get into a situation where we sent you a set, and then the order arrives a few days later. It's still only been about three weeks and it's taking five to six weeks for some people (plus the holidays may have extended it).

    I'm really sorry for the wait, but I know from other customers' experiences that this is how long it's taking. There's a really good chance you'll get that order within the next couple of weeks. If you haven't received it by the end of January, let us know.
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