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A (Crash): ToMI Application CTD when player changes areas, causes non-progression

posted by Phillip Chan on - last edited - Viewed by 349 users
Summary: Tales of Monkey Island crashes to desktop when player tries to enter a new area.


1) Load attached save game
2) Move Guybrush right to the edge of the screen
3) When he has reached the Glass Blower shop, observe that no crash has occured through screen transition
4) Move past the Glass Blower shop through the pillars

Observed Result: Crash to Desktop

5) Reload ToMI
6) Reload save game
7) Move Guybrush right to the edge of the screen
8) Continue past the Glass Blower shop towards the Jail/Club area.

Observed Result: Crash to Desktop

Expected Result: Player can move freely between major areas (Jungle => West side (Narwhal/Doctor/Glass) => East side (Jail/Nip/Club/Beach)

Saved Game attached.
DxDiag attached.
Windows Vista event crash log attached.
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  • Hey Phillip, sounds like you just have some corrupt data. To start with, try redownloading the game, just don't delete your save files.
  • Steps:

    1) Using the Steam interface, delete all local content
    2) Select YES at the prompt
    3) Game content is deleted
    4) Re-download game
    5) Relaunch ToMI
    6) Reproduce using steps above

    Observed Result: Same issue occurs.

    Repro rate is 4/4 on reinstalled version.

    Is there something wrong with the Steam digi-dist version?
  • Shouldn't be anything wrong with the steam version, probably something specific to your computer. Could you attach your save file to this thread, just in case there's something wrong with it? In the meantime, I'd suggest updating your drivers and DirectX.
  • Save file is already attached along with DxDiag and Event Log. See OP.
  • Apparently I was blind the first time. Ok, save is loaded up and it appears fine, so it's not that. Still feels data-ish to me, but I'm not sure there's any other way to clear your steam cache. So back to my last though, check your video and sound card drivers.

    Oh, and try playing the game on different settings. Lower everything way down and see if that changes anything.
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