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Package at customs

posted by knechtodawas on - last edited - Viewed by 262 users
Finally my long appreciated Telltale package reached Germany, but it is still stuck at customs. I got a letter that I have to hand them the bill to get the package. My question: Is the bill included in the package?
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Blurgh! Sorry for the trouble. Write in to [email][/email] and someone will help you sort it out.
  • Thank you for your quick answer. But I think, I am not in trouble yet. I am going to visit the customs at Friday. I think, they let me open the package and we will have a look inside. If there is a bill, everything is fine, if not, then I have got a problem. So, my question was, if Telltale normally sends the bill together with the package or if the bill is sent separately.
  • There should be an invoice inside the package. You can also print off your invoice from your Telltale account (click the Invoice link next to the order number on your Past Purchases page.
  • Fine, thank you very much.
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