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LOOM 2 petition

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I just played through LOOM again for the first time in years and it brought back fond memories. I remember the LOOM jokes in Monkey Island that introduced me to the game. No doubt LOOM could have been as big as Monkey Island with the right support. The LOOM cliffhanger ending reminds me of wanting to play a sequel that never arrived.

With the technology of today something special can be done with the LOOM franchise and there are many ways in which the story could go, it has great potential. And if you think about the best Lucas Arts adventure games, LOOM is right up there. You have Sam & Max and now Monkey Island. I am confident that these names are in good hands.

I would like to start a petition for telltale games to make the next LOOM game, reply to this thread if you agree.

1. drunkenmonkey.
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  • I'm not a fan of the idea of Loom becoming a whole episodic series...

    ... however a 2nd and 3rd game to complete the originally-designed trilogy would be wonderful.

    Sign me up ^^
  • Am I the only one who thinks that LOOM could be a greate RPG?
  • I would definitely play more LOOM games, though as has been stated, I would REALLY want them to be the originally intended 2nd and 3rd titles, Forge and The Fold. If Telltale could deliver them, I'd be all for it.
  • The sequel to LOOM would have to be a complete game as I don't think TTG's episodic way would suit it. If that's the case, count me in.
  • Maybe LucasArts will revisit the old Loom sequels if Loom sells well on Steam.
  • I'd love to see Brian Moriarty on board for the Loom sequels too...
    I don't believe in this though.
  • Right, I am in support of this but I definately agree that an episodic format doesn't really work well. Like someone else said, give us Forge and The Fold. They'd probably also need to do a SE of the first game as well to get interest up (and also, the first game flat out needs a version that isn't missing key things... there is no "one good version" since the CD version is the only talkie, but it sacrifices so much to do that!)

    Edit: An interesting little blurb from the game's creator Brian Moriarty I stumbled on today:
    How likely is it in the future that you or LucasArts be involved in making a sequel to Loom or even a remake of the original Loom? What may it take for a revival of the franchise to occur?

    Some years after I left LucasArts, I had a conversation with the then-current president of the division about the possibility of a remake and/or sequel to Loom. But he left soon afterward in a corporate upheaval, a Lucasfilm specialty. At this point, the franchise seems unlikely to be revived.
    This was from 2006 of course. It's interesting in that if LucasArts does go that direction, it sounds like he might be open to being involved with such a project. But again, this was quite awhile ago, so maybe that's no longer true.
  • The new president loves Monkey Island. He's a fan.

    I think we adventure gamers are in for a super treat for years to come. I wouldn't count LOOM out.
  • PariahKing;164420 said:
    The new president loves Monkey Island. He's a fan.
    ...Who isn't? :P
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