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Unable to retrieve password.

posted by Kyle on - last edited - Viewed by 415 users
Bought the full season as a gift for my father back in early december. Didn't realize he needed the password. Went to try to log in and realized i forgot the password also. I tried to retrieve the PW but nothing has come through email in 8 hours.

My account email is [email][/email].

This account was created simply to post.
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  • Er.. i just noticed that i may have not created an account with that email.. just ordered the product.. i'll have him try the PW with the new account i just created with that email.
  • Hi Kyles,

    The password isn't the same as the one for this site, it's the one you put in when you ordered the game (on the checkout page).
  • Hi Kyle,

    I just emailed you a reminder for the order password. As Doug said, this is not the same as a password for the website, which is why you didn't get a response when you tried before.

    If you would like to change the email address or password on this order now that you've given it to your father, you can send me a PM with the new email/password you want and I'll make the change. Your father will need the order number and password so he can access the games, and his email address should be on the order so he receives email notifications about new episodes.
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