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Monkey Island MMORPG

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Am i the only one that has had some secret thoughts about how this could ever come to fruition? I have sat there for last few years thinking.. ok many islands, huge world, many characters, but how could they do it?

The conclusion is that there is not enough lore. This MMORPG genre is something for the future and we're just on tip of the iceberg with WOW etc, but stranger things have happened.

Can't imagine a raid or picking a side though.

So the answer is no, this cannot happen.

It's just me right?
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  • I hope the day will never come.
  • The problem with the term MMOG by now is that people immediately think WORLD OF WARCRAFT, beating the crap out of mobs, leveling up, wash, rinse, repeat. Whereas MMOG is shorthand for Massive Multiplayer Online Game. Meaning that there's a bucketload of players playing a game online.. at any point. Fair enough, the thread title says MMORPG, but even then..

    I think it could work. It'd obviously something completely different from the rest of the Monkey Island pack. But it could work. Imagine moderated insult contests being held at the Scumm Bar and dozens upon dozens pirates showing up to compete. Or a treasure hunt going on on Scabb and all your pals and you teaming up to go find the clues, competing against other teams. Or what about a costume festival to be held over at the governor's mansion - free grog a plenty, and a public vote gets to determine who wins. Getting to sail a piratey ship with a dozen of other scumm o' the seas, seizing other ships, raiding fortresses and defending those against other teams... There sure is enough humor and piratey stuff to allow for all kinds of multiplayer mechanics like that. MMOG means just that, there's no need to paste&copy the same mechanics that a dozen games have copied before. Raids, mobs, factions, bore.

    Well that and adventure games for the win of course.
  • Silverwolfpet;162805 said:
    Yeah, just imagine this... you connect to the server, enter Melee Island, the main location, and see all these players with interesting names:
    Guy.brush, Guhbrush, Ghai-brush, Guuybrush, 6uy8ru5h, Thorpweed, Geekwood, MightyPirate23, LeChuck492 etc etc.

    Nope, doesn't sound good to me. :D
    Heh~! Sounds exactly like this forum. We'll be right at home!
  • Needs more LucasArts Adventurer Kombat - a fighter Super Smash Brothers style with special unlockable characters like King Graham, GLADos and Ron Gilbert.
  • Ron Gilbert had a post many moons ago on Grumpy Gamer that he was on WoW. Horde side and had a guild where you HAD to have a MI-related name in order to join. I don't remember what server.
  • Eduardo;162821 said:
    Actually, there is one right now...

    To add more info, theres also another MMORPG game that is free...

    Its Tales of Pirates. Its a point and click MMORPG game. I tried it a short time but didnt clicked to well for me.
  • To add more info, theres also another MMORPG game that is free...

    Its Tales of Pirates. Its a point and click MMORPG game. I tried it a short time but didnt clicked to well for me.
    Oh god...
    I hate mangas :(
    Obviously it's due to purely subjective tastes and all, but this must be one of the ugliest things i've ever seen.
    Guess i should be thankfull for this, tho, at least it means i won't try it and risk losing what little social life i have :p
  • I don't think that there is such a big least not now. Let's see how it develops in the next years (with the launch of Tales and SMI:SE). Who knows? Maybe WE will change our opinions about this soon enough.
    It would actually be cool to do something similar to PotC. In PotC you have to help Jack Sparrow defeat Davey Jones. Maybe in Monkey Island MMORPG you could help Guybrush defeat LeChuck's minions, with a full LeChuck boss fight. And LeChuck could come back (add-ons) in a different for everytime.
  • Wow, I read this thread's title and a sudden wave of revulsion washed over my body... It felt... odd.
  • This is one of the only frachises that I could see successfully translating into an MMORPG. I hate MMORPGs, and for this to work I honestly think the RPG would have to be stripped away from it. There would be no need for monsters to fight either. Although the odd monster guarding a large stash of booty would fit quite well.

    In order to defeat one of these guardians you would need to collect items and use them in a Monkey Island-esque puzzle to defeat the enemy. For example, a Kraken is guarding a sunken ship filled to the brim with ill-gotten spoils. You and your crew must combine your efforts, collection of random assortments, and puzzle solving skills to manipulate the environment in such a way as to incapacitate the monster.

    These scenarios would have to be randomly generated. NPC shopkeepers scattered throughout the world (some in the most unlikely of places) would sell treasure maps, fashion items, and oddities.

    PvP battles would be 1 on 1 or in teams, with a third party presiding as judge. The combatants would take turns to exchange insults (typed or spoken by the player on the spot) and whomever was judged to have delivered the most caustic of insults, or the most disarming reply would take the spoils/win the battle.

    Players could also bury/hide/sink their own treasure, and set up a puzzle designed by themselves with a simple tool kit. This treasure would vary from peices of 8 to seemingly usless trinkets, to fashion accessories. Users could then sell the maps in their own shop, or even bury a map, and sell a map to a map to the treasure they buried. Prices would be generated based on the value of the item buried at the end of the chain. Selling the same map to multiple users would force them to have to race against each other to get to your treasure first. A counter would appear next to each map detailing how many users currently owned the map, and for how long they had owned it.

    Every week there could be a fashion contest where the user adjudged to be the most swashbuckling would earn a special treasure map leading to only the rarest of treasures.

    Aside from the aforementioned ways to find treasure, there would also be a weekly event that all the players would have to compete with each other in a race to find first. There would be no maps, merely hints scattered throughout the many (and often seedy) bars of the caribbean.
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