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Reinstalled OS and I wish to download episode 1 again .. plz help

posted by Wilfrid Wong on - last edited - Viewed by 720 users
My Windows XP crashed and I have to reinstall Windows. I wish to play my Sam and Max again but I can't find a way to download the game. I have paid for the entire season 1 of Sam and Max and it would have been really sad if there is no way I can get back my game.

Please help? Please?
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  • Hi Wilfrid,

    If you can wait a few hours, we will be adding detailed instructions to our website later today that will walk you through the process of downloading episode 1 again (and also episode 2).

    We used to encourage people to download the demo version of the game, but this is NOT the process season 1 customers should be using anymore. I'll post a link to those instructions when we've released them on the site.
  • Thank you Emily for your speedy response (I am truly impressed).

    By the way, I have gone to your Product Support and tried to download my episode 1 and I am surprised to find that my order number is not found (I have the email to support the fact that I did purchase the entire season 1 cuz I love the game so much). Perhaps it is just a temporary gitch but it is very disturbing ... just a feedback. I hope things will get better.

    Have a nice day, Emily.
  • Could you please PM me the order number?
  • Done .. I have just PM you (I hope I got that right)
  • Got it, and wrote back. :)
  • Case closed! Able to download my episode 1. Very happy. Thanks Emily.
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