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Will S&M Season 3 use the ToMI Engine?

posted by DjNDB Moderator on - last edited - Viewed by 760 users
I was just wondering if Sam&Max will get the new cinematic ToMI look and controls, or if it will stay the same as previous seasons?

I would be fine with either of them, because i found the ToMI mouse controls absolutely usable.
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  • Will S&M3 use the same click to walk interface as the previos seasons, or will there be (on XBLA) the ability to move the characters around with the thumbsticks?
  • I love how they've basically called anyone who wants to play on PC "Adventure game purists" or "Mouse fetishists".

    Well, I hope there will still be mouse controls on PC. Otherwise... I guess the dream was nice while it lasted.
  • Aww, I was hoping they'd go back to the point and click for season 3. :(
  • Hey, I wasn't even aware they're working on S&M Season 3! That's great!

    But I agree, please bring back the control scheme from Seasons 1+2. It's way better than the Monkey Island scheme (which isn't terrible, but not very pleasant either).
  • I'm happy with ToMI/W&G controls - WASD move and click to interact. Though the combine option in ToMI is a bit painful to use.
  • Why not just use a pop-up interface like in Full Throttle or CMI?
    That even works well in a 2.5d ego perspective, as you can see in Normality Inc..
    So it sure would also work in a third person 3d environment.
  • The coin/skull interface was for the multiple verbs, dont need that in TTG games
  • i will miss the point-and-click controls..if they sacrifice it for awesome choreography and complex scenery, then i can live with it though. if it's just to make the game more console friendly then my "mouse fetishist"-heart will probably bleed....buuut i will still buy it, since it will still be good.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    tmsmyth4;159414 said:
    Been replaying S&M and keep wanting to use keyboard for some reason =p after all these years as a die hard point+click fan im converted!
    That's funny. A few days ago i started up a S&M episode and had the same, but with missing the mouse drag+move controls.

    As long as they are gonna be there i'll be happy. I wouldn't mind adapting to P&C again but it would be strange to change from ToMI to S&M and back all the time, always wanting to use the wrong controls.
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