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  • It seems to be Wii only?
    And the DS version has another comany as developer. Maybe Telltale developes and that other company ports the game to the DS?
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    Hey all, it's officially announced over here on Yahoo! Games.

    Sorry that we had to hide this thread for a couple of days. :(
  • ..:/


    I guess not every product a company makes is something you're going to want. I will get it anyway because it's a Telltale game but I really hope it at least releases on PC.

    EDIT: It will. And after watching the trailer it looks actually interesting. Not exactly my cup of tea - like more S&M/Monkey Island like products, even W&G but this looks cool.
  • From the trailer it seems that the DNA comparison has been simplified from matching relatively complex patterns to matching a matrix of coloured dots. I'm wondering which other aspects of the game have been simplified and to what extent.

    As a compromise between CSI:NY the games as they were before it could be worse, but it's still somewhat disappointing. I guess I'm just not the target audience :(
  • Yeah telltales CSI: games have always been the best of the series...

    The PC license of CSI: is actually becoming a very old franchise, it has been handled by 3 developers ... There are currently 6 games in total, going all the way back to 2003. This upcoming game is number 7.

    I have been thinking of making a list of all the games (and what they contain) and positing it here and on the csigamer forum for a long time now. because the earlier games made by the first developer (369 interactive) have fallen from the spotlight.

    Would anyone be interested in that? a master list of all the games and the 30 cases they contain?
  • I'd definitely be interested in that list, Dangerzone. If you could even just write a few lines on the gameplay of each of the games that would be immensely useful to me.
  • So does this mean we'll have to wait a while longer for Sam & Max: Season Three?
  • Evan;166668 said:
    So does this mean we'll have to wait a while longer for Sam & Max: Season Three?
    I doubt it, Telltale is known for keeping their plate pretty full. I'd still expect a Sam and Max announcement around the end of TMI.
  • I doubt it, too.

    The CSI games never stopped them from working on their episodic releases, and is handled by a different team than the S&M games.

    I expect the release of the first episode in december or january.
  • Actually, they outsource the modeling of the characters and the locations... but all the animation, programing, and gameplay is done by telltale.

    Or at least that's how they did the last two, and this game has that same look to it.
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