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SoMI SE Stans voice

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Did anyone else feel the voice was just


and didnt suit a very jubilant stan

Im pretty sure the voice actor maybe the same .. but .. he just didnt feel upto the task i guess??
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  • PariahKing;165479 said:
    Good voice for Stan in MI3, not a good Stan voice for the originals.

    Well. I got used to it and eventually enjoyed it. But it was jarring.

    yay someone agrees with me

    Is it the same voice actor?

    Or different?
  • Also consider this that when writing the script in today's games, the voice actor will together with the sound crew change written lines that don't seem to work alright when reading them out loud. All the text in the special edition were the same as in the original game, a game where all the text was just supposed to be read. What I'm saying is that the lines may not be perfect for voiceovers. I also remember someone else mention that it might sound strange because they had to match the length of their recording to how long the text was displayed in the original game.

    I also noticed he wasn't as good as usual, but IMO it was due to the fact that the script wasn't as well thought out as in for example MI3.
  • hamzie;165547 said:
    yay someone agrees with me

    Is it the same voice actor?

    Or different?
    It is indeed the same voice actor who played Stan in Curse of Monkey Island. LucasArts got back all the voice actors they could from MI3 and 4 who played the characters (the only one they couldn't get was Carla), but if there was a different voice for each game they sided with the COMI version - that's Elaine and Stan. Shame, as I think I prefer the Escape versions. I still love the ones there, though, and I think they work fine here... although Stan's not quick enough.
  • I see Stan (meaning Pat the actor) doing much more dynamic voice! He should be annoying, not slick and smooth... Or maybe a balance between those.
    It was really cool, he did a great job considering the circumstances... But I'd really like to hear him speak as if he's in a hurry!
    It would be much more amazing...
    And "Howdy!" should be much more... ALIVE!! As in... HOWDYYY! Happy-like!
  • I liked it, almost exactly as I expected him to sound.
  • The only problem I had with it, minor really, is that he sounded too slow, even with text speed on full, this is Stan, he should be speaking at like four times the speed of everyone else! :)
  • Nope, I love his voice. Plus I adore LucasArts for caring enough to bring back his original CMI voice actor.
  • GREEAAT. How Much?

    ONLY 5000!?

    He worked perfect for me. Cheesy car salesman suits him than the Billy Mays people want him to be.
  • I don't think people wanted him to be Billy Mays :p Just a little faster, listen to him in Curse and in Secret, obviously due to engine limitations (Had to be in sync with the subtitles of the original game) Stans lines were said slower compared to Curse where he's just throwing lines out there.
  • I always imagined Stan as a quick talking Texan kind of guy, not to say I don't like the mid-atlantic tone but he could definitely have been more hectic.
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