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TOMI - No sound

posted by mickE on - last edited - Viewed by 239 users
I have just installed the game and got it working but have no sound. It is quite an old PC, how would I check if the sound card is compatible?
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  • A bit of info the support team may need:

    Goto the Start menu and click Run
    Type "dxdiag" minus the quotes and press enter
    Click on the Sound Tab

    The team will probably need -


    They will probably also need your Operating System, if your not sure it is on the System tab.
  • Device

    Name: Realtek AC97 Audio


    Version: 5.10.0000.4050 (English)
    Date: 16/10/2002 09:27:02

    Does this help?
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    DjNDB Moderator
    mickE;166895 said:
    Does this help?
    A bit, but there are several other things that would be helpful, such as your Operating System.

    Since there seems to be an audio driver you should check other sources of error first.
    Make sure the volume is turned up in windows. Then check whether your speakers are connected to the correct output of your PC.

    This Driver should be suitable, but it would be better if you could give us more information first, so we can optimize your system in other ways too, such as new graphics card drivers and DirectX version.

    The easiest way to give us plenty of information is if you run dxdiag again, and select the "save all information" Button. That way you can save a file called DxDiag.txt to a location you will find again.

    Afterwards open the file and copy the information here.
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