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I would like to buy the new Monkey Island game, but I can't find any info on your pages about delivery.
It says on the page that you get one episode pr month, will this be sent to you by post or will you be able to download it from the webpage?

The reason I'm askin is because the Norwegian government will tax me if I order something over 200 NOK (20GBP)
If the game is sent out by post and monthly I could get taxed for each package since the price is over the limit.

While if I could download the game there would be no problem what so ever.

I gladly pay the price for the game, but I would like some more info about delivery options before I pay.
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  • You get the downloads for $35.00, and there is no package sent UNLESS after the season is over you choose to pay the shipping for the free and optional DVD of all the episodes.

    If I remember correctly they also do something with the price of the DVD for foreign shipping but I can't remember anything exactly so don't read too much into this last sentence. >_>
  • It is download-only in the first place. Nothing will be delivered to you via snail mail.
    Anyway, after release of the last episode, you’ll have the option to order the Collectors’ DVD which will cost you the delivery fee only.
  • Sounds great! Thanks
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