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What's your theory about the ending of Monkey Island 2 - LeChuck's Revenge?

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Here is mine (obviously full of spoilers about the game):

I think that all anachronisms like cereal boxes, Grog machines, etc are there just for fun as well as the fourth wall breaking stuff like "pirates talked like that" and the Lucasarts phone in the jungle. An amusement park is perfectly normal in a world like this.

My theory is that Big Whoop is a portal. Maybe it travels to different times. Maybe Guybrush went back in time to when he was in his childhood and his parents were alive. That's why his parents wear pirate clothes. Big Whoop is like a time machine.

Maybe LeChuck is really his older brother which went bad when Guybrush was just a baby and left just to become a pirate. His parents never told the truth to Guybrush.

Le Chuck's plan in to go back using the Big Whoop and kill Guybrush while he is a child. After that maybe prevent himself from dying?

Just my theory. I don't believe that "all is a dream" rubbish. It would simply suck in something as brilliant as Monkey Island.

Guybrush and Lechuck are brothers. Le Chuck cast a spell on Guybrush to confuse him. Big Whoop creates a portal to another time when Guybrush was a kid.
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  • My theory is that it was done for the lulz.
  • My theory is the explanation at the end of CMI, because it's canon and accepted in the game's storyline. What Ron would have or wouldn't have done isn't relevant until if and when he makes his game.
  • tmesis;169146 said:
    My theory is that it was done for the lulz.
  • they all die in the end :eek:
  • the theory by the op kind of makes sense. i remember a line from the voodoo lady that never makes sense with all the theorys about big whoop being some kind of curse by lechuck. She says something like "find big whoop and you can be rid of lechuck forever" so maybe guybrush had to go back in time with big whoop and kill lechuck before he became a ghost or something!
  • Young Guybrush gets lost in a theme park, and his imagination runs wild. After a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean, he starts his own journey to become a Mighty Pirate. Distressed, his parents send his brother Chucky to find their missing son. In Guybrush's mind, Chucky became the evil pirate LeChuck, determined to destroy him. Elements of the real world seep into Guybrush's (vending machines, telephones etc.) , but it's not until their final confrontation, in the maintenance tunnels linking the different areas of the park, does Guybrush get the wake-up call he really needs.... that he's got a contract with LucasArts, much like the Voodoo Lady, and they'll have to rethink all of this to make 3 more sequels! :p
  • Common theory is that the amusement park is a curse LeChuck have put on Guybrush, and that it isn't real. But I have a theory that it's the amusement park world that's real, and that there's some magic in the real world that takes the two boys to the world of Monkey Island. Maybe a portal to a parallel dimention or something. Chuckie finds Big Whoop which gives him powers that still remains with him when the boys return to our world, which explains the glowing eyes. Or something. I like the idea of two boys just playing, but I just think there's a little more to it than that.

    Or maybe LeChuck just put a curse on Guybrush in the end of the game to get out of a difficult situation.
  • Guybrush can't really be a little boy, because his dialogues and objectives are quite mature for a little kid.
  • Or maybe... You know when LeChuck was going to stab the voodoo doll, he was going to send Guybrush to an alternative dimention of eternal pain and suffering, but instead Guybrush just got sent to the next room? Maybe he did get sent to the alternative dimention, he just don't think so, and everything after the first stab is not a part of the "regular" dimention, but the dimention of suffering. Guybrush trapped in a modern age world, knowing he is a pirate, even though everyone else thinks he's just a little boy, with his evil voodoo big brother Chuckie to torture him some more when his parents aren't watching (Guybrush can tell his parents about Chuckie's voodoo powers all he wants, his parents will just think he's fantasizing). It got to be like hell for Guybrush...

    If this is the case, LeChuck doesn't need to be Guybrush's brother, since the parent skeletons is just a part of the messed up alternative dimention.
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