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What's your theory about the ending of Monkey Island 2 - LeChuck's Revenge?

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Here is mine (obviously full of spoilers about the game):

I think that all anachronisms like cereal boxes, Grog machines, etc are there just for fun as well as the fourth wall breaking stuff like "pirates talked like that" and the Lucasarts phone in the jungle. An amusement park is perfectly normal in a world like this.

My theory is that Big Whoop is a portal. Maybe it travels to different times. Maybe Guybrush went back in time to when he was in his childhood and his parents were alive. That's why his parents wear pirate clothes. Big Whoop is like a time machine.

Maybe LeChuck is really his older brother which went bad when Guybrush was just a baby and left just to become a pirate. His parents never told the truth to Guybrush.

Le Chuck's plan in to go back using the Big Whoop and kill Guybrush while he is a child. After that maybe prevent himself from dying?

Just my theory. I don't believe that "all is a dream" rubbish. It would simply suck in something as brilliant as Monkey Island.

Guybrush and Lechuck are brothers. Le Chuck cast a spell on Guybrush to confuse him. Big Whoop creates a portal to another time when Guybrush was a kid.
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  • Pale Man;169392 said:
    PK, I agree with you completely, as usual.

    Going on beyond that to even more contreversial waters you may not agree with, from my perspective, a MI3 by Ron Gilbert instead of Curse could've been a very bad thing. A lot of times when you see these secret riddled endings they don't live up to any happy, fulfilling or even logical conclusion. A bad resolution of the MI3 could've killed the series not only in terms of sequels but in terms of public opinion as well - it's legacy.

    The Matrix is a prime example of this. It's amazing Curse was able to tie up as many plot holes as it did and explain it in such a satisfying way.

    Curse is a stellar adventure game - one of the best if not the best of all time. It's not my favorite ever but I'm certainly glad it exists. Escape - for all the hate it gets - is a very good adventure game in a series filled with great titles. It gets a lot of hate but an excessive amount. So I'm glad Escape exists too. I've always gotten the sense that Ron's MI3 would've finished off the series for good with whatever his secret is.

    And then we have Tales. Tales has a lot of promise and is helping in the modern revival of adventure games considering all the interest in Monkey Island. Beyond that it's given excellent exposure to Telltale - I'm a customer who bought all their titles simply because I became aware of them due to Monkey Island. Hell, if Ron had made MI3? We may not have gotten a MI:SE years later, the same MI:SE which is selling so well now and is yet another important cog in the industry working to revitalize the genre.

    I say this as a LeChuck's Revenge fan. In fact it's my favorite adventure game ever made. But I wouldn't change things as they are to see Ron's intended third game. People act as if Ron was screwed over or never got his shot. People forget that Ron voluntarily left LucasArts of his own accord without making the third Monkey Island. In fact they even forget his original vision for Monkey Island was originally slated to be a more serious game but Dave and Tim worked so many jokes in that became what was. Ron is not God in my eyes, even though I do like and respect his work. But I don't deify the man nor accept the idea no one can make good Monkey Island games except him. I trust Chuck, Mike, Mark and Dave to make Tales. I'd trust Tim to do it.

    Everyone hates the idea of Monkey Island being all the dream of a little boy. That's the apparent and most logical ending to MI2 on the surface of things - but nobody seems to want to accept it as it seems so much of a let down. How do we know Ron's third Monkey Island game with his venerated secret isn't something like this - something as dissapointing or series killing?

    Beyond that how do we even know there even IS a secret and Ron isn't just pulling wool over our eyes, trying to get a third game made years later? The end of MI2 looks like it was deliberately done to make the "He's just a kid" theory look like the truth but apply wiggle room for a sequel later. It's apparently worked very well as people still talk about it today. For all we know Ron has spent the last ten years coming up with a secret. It's not a nice thing to say and I don't mean anything malicious by it, but you would have to be a fool in this world to assume the best of everybody always and none of us know Ron personally.

    Really we will probably never know the secret (if one exists) and even if we figured it out Ron would never tell us - he wouldn't tell us for nine years Monkey Island lay dead and seemingly gone forever. And Ron's game probably doesn't even fit within the established storyline - his complaint on the Elaine and Guybrush marriage could mean they're sister and brother which would turn Monkey Island into an incest fest. It'd have to take place in some weird alternate timeline or itself be revealed to be a dream sequence which would just be a convoluted and messy solution.

    If Ron got to make his Monkey Island game - a direct sequel or one that eliminates Curse, Escape and Tales as canon - I would be excited to play it but I would be afraid for the ramifications for the series. In any case fixating on a ending that got a canon resolution back in the nineties that we'll never be able to figure out seems silly to me. It's an interesting discussion point but at the same time it's kind of a pointless conversation.
  • Here's something else to theorize about;

    If there was to be a LeChuck's Revenge: Special Edition, do you think LucasArts would alter the ending to make it tie better with the story of Curse? Or would they alter it att all?
    It feels like the ending for LeChuck's Revenge is such a perfect little thing because it's existed for so long, and I dunno wether it would attract or scare off idiots att Lucas to try and fiddle with it. Yes, it's a very pessimistic way to look at a special edition of this fantastic game, but I just felt like putting it out there, for funsies.

    Also, as for my take of the ending I don't really care much about it. If anything I'll by the sulution presented in Curse, just because I love that game. You can kind of tell it's not the proper sulution seeing as it doesn't make sense with what the Voodoo Lady says in the first MI. BUT, when it all comes to the ending I think it is the question that is interesting, and not the answer. Sitting att places like this and theorizing is what makes the ending of MI2 so great, but to actually know what it means, I just think it would let a lot of people down.
  • Yeah Qwazin - the discussions would all end. The chase here is better than the catch. As for the voodoo lady she is proved to be fallible in Curse - "you will die" - so I think that's a DECENT explanation but it's not seamless. But a five game story over 20 years isn't going to be seamless.

    I can't see them changing anything in MI2:SE. At all. I expect to see maybe the monkey shaped more like a wrench and that's about it.
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    You pretty much stole my theory, pilouuuu.
  • Does anyone think it would be a good idea for Ron Gilbert to make his intended 3rd game or do you think it would ruin the already made storyline too much, or would you just be happy for Ron Gilbert to tell what he originally intended?
  • If it's all imagination indeed... I finnaly know how guybrush could hold his breath for 10 minutes xD!
  • My original theory was that Guybrush was just a kid that had imagined all of this while running around in an amusement park.
    The half modern items scattered around in the MI world could support this.
    And who better to cast as your arch nemesis than your brother.
  • I think that Ron Gilbert just knowed that Monkey Island 2 would be the last saga's game that he would have done and

    he created an end for the saga.
    the two games adventure was a child's dream (or a child's game)that ha was playing in a amusement park with his

    brother in a attraction that called "Big Whoop", how we can see in the ending scene.

    It's undeniable that your hypothesis it's more fascinating but mine it's more likely.
  • ilcapitano10;169655 said:
    I think that Ron Gilbert just knowed that Monkey Island 2 would be the last saga's game that he would have done and

    he created an end for the saga.
    the two games adventure was a child's dream (or a child's game)that ha was playing in a amusement park with his

    brother in a attraction that called "Big Whoop", how we can see in the ending scene.

    It's undeniable that your hypothesis it's more fascinating but mine it's more likely.
    Yours is not likely at all knowing that Ron has said multiple times that there were plans to make an MI3 in which he would reveal the secret of Monkey Island. Therefore, LeChuck's Revenge was not intended to be the last game.
  • PariahKing;169514 said:
    As for the voodoo lady she is proved to be fallible in Curse - "you will die".
    Uhmm, that's not entirely true. You do have a death scene in Curse. That's what the Voodoo lady saw. Plus, you already know to take whatever the Voodoo Lady says with a grain of salt as she likes to lie and exaggerate the role she played in things (like killing LeChuck).

    Besides, the Voodoo Lady completely changes her stance on Big Whoop between 2 and 3.

    In the MI 2, Guybrush asks if there's any way he could escape LeChuck. She specifically tells Guybrush to continue looking for Big Whoop as it's a gateway to another world and that's the only way to escape him forever. In Curse, she yells at Guybrush and tells him he should have never gone looking for Big Whoop in the first place.

    I think it's more curiosity than anything else, that people still wonder about Gilbert's MI 3. I think Curse did a good job offering a logical explanation (they could have just ret-conned it or ignored it completely, but the didn't). Escape actually caused more plot-holes than MI 2 and Curse. I don't know if I'd like to see Gilbert's MI 3 actually made any more, but I would like to know how he planned to end the series.

    In fact, I still think that the MI series should end eventually, and one of the strengths of MI 1 and 2 was that Gilbert had an end in the back of his mind when making it. Sure there's in-references in the games now, but not on the level of connection between the first two games. Game series should always have an end in sight, and I think the longer MI goes on the worse for the series. As much as I love the series, it should have a last game someday, and when that is being made if any of Gilbert's original intentions are still possible in the game-world now set up they should try to incorporate them.
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