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I got my Sam and Max Situation Comedy email, and clicked the link. It went to a page that was entirely white. Nothing else. Just white.

I tried to find my order using the handy 'find my order' page, and it returns nothing. Says no order exists.

Tried sending myself the correct password to verify I got it right, and it says no order exists with my order number...

It may be that I changed my email between my initial order and now. If so, I'm going to do what the dude said in the other thread and PM the fellow with my email swap.

If that doesn't do it, I have no idea what's up.
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  • Unfortunately, leaving work and will be away from PC. Hopefully things can be sorted out when I get back on later. :)
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    i got that too:(
  • hi

    same error here too ;(
  • I have the same problem, sent a PM to Emily as I saw she was asking for that in another similar thread.
  • I have the same error. Order# is 4760030200

    Digital River gives me an error message when I use the Find My Order thing, or click the 're-download' button in my Past Purchases (it looks like it directs to the same page).
    It says it's an internal error and that it has been logged. I went to get my password resent to me, thinking I had remembered it incorrectly, and DR says my order does not exist.
  • So I got the preorder notification email containing a link for download and it is downloading right now at a whopping 8 kbps :)
    I don't know if I recieved the email due to my PM or it just was delayed.
  • same error The order number was not found. i did get the download email, but i want to resolve this for the future
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    Got my mail now too, and are downloading now at 102 kbps :D
  • got my mail. cooollllnneeessss
  • Everyone having this problem with "order number does not exist" when you try to look up the order on our site - there are two things you can do:

    1) Wait for the email we sent with the direct download link for ep2. You should have it within the hour.

    2) Go to and fill in your order number and password there. It's Digital River's version of the same form on our site.

    -Emily, Telltale Games
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