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I think i know who the mysterious lady is...

posted by Edward VanHelgen on - last edited - Viewed by 2.5K users
Well, not quite, but after a long and winding research i finally managed to narrow the list down to two names. i think you will all agree of those



Kenny. Yeah, not much of a lady but he sure can sound like one. And don't forget you threw him out of the Lemonade business, so little weasel has a plenty of motives to track you down.



Oh yes, the Harbor lady. Sooner or later, you knew she will get you for kicking the grog machine and stealing the cans.

I had other theories as well, like the Scummbar lady or the ones from the spitting contest, but the two above mentioned seemed like more likely to be.

Good, am i? Well Telltale, sorry for ruining the speculations, you can just admit it now
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  • Novotnus;171199 said:
    And how is she supposed to WALK onboard? : )
    Have you EVER seen "The Little Mermaid"?
  • der_ketzer;171219 said:
    Have you EVER seen "The Little Mermaid"?
    Didn't walking caused her suffer a lot?
  • Novotnus;171221 said:
    Didn't walking caused her suffer a lot?
    What's wrong with suffering?
    Suffering is the only joy of most emos nowadays.
  • Maybe they slither like the naga in Warcraft, or maybe they are the Davy Jones kind of mermen - with legs. Or maybe they walk on hands. Or maybe they are reverse mermen, with top part fish and bottom part human. We'd see. :P
  • Radogol;171178 said:
    Afterwards, he and his mom started cannon business, and Guybrush was one of his best customers, so...
    Oh sure, but then it was revealed that he was doing business with the buccaneers and worked as an arms dealer so he was sentenced to jail.

    He blamed Guybrush for this and had his picture on the wall while throwing darts at it. He also made a tattoo saying - Die Threepwood Die.

    When they took him to the Comission and said that they cannot grant him parole because the tattoo is obvious sign of danger to society, he said that he has nothing against Guybrush, and that he actually likes him and that the tattoo is german for - The Threepwood, The. - The Simpsons brilliant gag :D

    They released him, and then he become a notorius pirate who swore to take revenge on Guybrush.
  • Maybe it's someone completely new. Guybrush is a pretty renowned pirate. Maybe she meant that she's waited her whole life to catch him. Maybe he's her first pirate.
    Eh, we'll know soon enough.
    *Mumbles about lack of sleep due to Telltale Games*
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