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Playing time?

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Is it just me or am I the only 1 who is a bit worried about the playing time this edition of monkey island will have?

The first few games all estimated about 30 hours of playing time... MI4 was a bit more difficult for me and if i finished it i'm sure it would have taken a good deal more than 30 hours.

However... TOMI, the 1st episode most people finished in under 4 hours. And the general consensus is that it is a lot easier than traditional Monkey Island puzzles that can drive you crazy.
If all the rest of the episodes are going to be like this (say averaging 3/4 hours per episode = about 20 hours)

Anyone think this isnt enough? Or are we to expect a build up in the level of difficulty as the episodes go on?
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  • My mom gets mad at me for finishing an episode in one day. But can I help it if the game is so addictive?
    Besides, the game's gonna last me like 5 months anyway, and that's if I don't decide to play it again.
  • WinterSnowblind;171260 said:
    You're kidding, right?
    I go for everything. I want to make sure I collect everything there is to collect.

    But let's be on topic.
  • I suppose it does seem fairly short compared to the older games' estimated playing time but I don't think it'll actually be much shorter than those games. One of the things that made them longer before was the fact that Guybrush walked quite slowly.
  • Yeah, the first 4 games have no where near 30 hours of playtime each, and though I'd place the final playtime of Tales probably being slightly less than Curse it'd also probably be more than Secret.
  • Adventure games don't suck time like RPG games, as there are usually no grinding involved to "develop" your character in levels or skills or whatnot. Time spent in adventure gaming are usually with dialogue (which are the key factor in making or breaking an adventure game) and with puzzles. And usually a lot of time is spend when you think too much on the puzzle. Beware of the red herrings.

    Hmm... I wonder how would an adventure game be like, if everyone you walk across in the town only say 'useful' things like, "Don't go outside the town. There are monsters everywhere." or "Oh my! You look energetic today. Have you eaten your breakfast?"
  • To be honest, the amount of time playing the game doesn't matter. So long as the game is entertaining and keeps you wanting for more is good enough for me.
  • I was pleasantly surprised that Tlaes took me 4-5hrs, I was expecting less.

    And also having just been through SMI:SE, I was expecting it to be longer (I'd played it before, but never finished it)

    If the later Tales episodes do get gradually a bit harder, its will be perfect IMO.
  • yeah ok i checked my playing time on Scummvm and its at 16hours for MI1... and i still have 1 or 2 things to do b4 i finish so i guess the 30hours is too much.

    I agree, it will be perfect if the episodes get gradually more difficult and longer (with those puzzles that frustrate you but make you feel great once you solve them)
  • I hope it's the first time you play through SOMI then, as one of the achievements on the XBLA version of SOMI: SE is to complete the game in less than three hours. I've played the game before so I know exactly what to do at any point, but I've spent close to 4 hours now and near the end. I felt I've taken my time, since I wanted to hear the voice-overs for all the old lines.
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