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Sonic the Hedgehog

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How many people like Sonic the Hedgehog? Im uessing a lot of you including producers at telltale.

Which is your favourite Sonic game and why?

Who is your favourite character and why?

Do you think telltale could make a Sonic game with SEGA?
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  • W&G156;171232 said:
    Do you think telltale could make a Sonic game with SEGA?
    Well, considering that such a thing wouldn't make any sense, wouldn't fit the character at all, and would basically be a big insult to the franchise, I'd say there's a good chance SEGA would do it

    Don't think Telltale would be into that, though
  • i like it i love charatrs who run fast so yeah. and i personally loved sonic heroes.knuckles duh and fail no offense
  • I used to love it to death as a kid, not as much now. I will give the series one thing: it has great music. Jun Senoue is very good at writing this kind of stuff.
  • Sonic Adventure 1... end of story
  • There's no love for Miles Tails?

    I much prefer cute flurry things than cute spikey things. And I remember I almost died laughing whenever Tails fall off the cliff while following Sonic in Sonic 2.

    But my favourite game gonna be Sonic & Knuckles. It was probably the first game where abilities subtly differ from one character to another, and 'flying' with Tails was pure fun (and slow).
  • 1. I don't know how many people like Sonic. A lot apparently since Sega continues to make games. I, for one, love Sonic. I have Sonic 2's 'normal ending' sprite tattooed on my right shoulder. I grew up with him and Sonic 2 was one of the first games I played the heck out of. I don't really like the new games. It's not because of the jump from 2D to 3D. It's because Sega insists they need more and new characters. Way too unnecessary and unwieldy.

    2. Sonic 2. There's so much to say about it, game wise and nostalgia.

    3. Sonic, of course. In my universe, the characters end at Sonic Adventure 2. After that, I have no idea who is who and what. Never really cared.

    4. They could, but no.
  • Bagge;171331 said:
    Sure that's not the 8 bit Sonic 2?
    Completely certain. They said it was too easy and didn't do enough to improve upon the first game. Madness.
  • Sonic was cool back in the day when I played it on my Sega Mega Drive. Honestly? Sonic should stick to the jump-and-run games. Thats what he did best. What's next? A Mario adventure game?
  • You guys need to realize one thing. The thing that actually made the Sonic franchise suck was not the games themselves. It was and still is the fans.

    See, there are two factors in play here:

    1) How the "fans" perceive the game;
    2) How SEGA responds to the "fan" feedback.

    Let me first explain the second one. SEGA has always been listening to the fans, about everything basically. They said so in several interviews, and it also shows in the gameplay footage I've seen. Sonic Rush wouldn't be there if there wasn't a cry for a classic type Sonic platformer. However, the thing is, either these games never get bought by the "fans", or the "fans" have yet another thing to complain about the games.

    For example, Sonic Heroes. It's the game that started this whole whinefest. Sure, the cameras were at times horrible, and the controls were all but fast, but the game wasn't bad. Now I don't know what the "fans" said that caused Sonic the Hedgehog (the XBox360 and PS3 version) to suck, but for some reason that game actually blew.

    Or how about the aforementioned Sonic Rush. I actually have seen people blatantly say that the game sucks. Why? Either because it's too fast, which is ridiculous, seeing as people actually asked for fast, or it's too slow, which is preposterous, seeing as it does have enough speed in my opinion. Either that, or people have something to complain about the frigging soundtrack, or the fact that they just had to invent Blaze the Cat or whatever reason they can think of. What message do you bring out to SEGA? That they shouldn't do 2D anymore? In my opinion saying that they need to stop inventing new characters is balls, new characters don't influence gameplay, people have to remember that.

    This also brings me to the next point. From what I've heard from people who've actually bothered playing the (XBox360 and / or PS3 version of) Sonic Unleashed for longer than 30 minutes, the game wasn't bad. People actually found the game pretty good. Sure, they didn't like the Werehog levels, but at least for the aforementioned consoles these levels were pretty balanced. Also, some even compared it with the slow stages in the old Sonic games.

    And then you have Sonic and the Black Knight, a game I still have to buy, but from what I've seen, the game doesn't look bad, the thing people just complain about is the sword and that it makes the game very slow. From what I've seen, it doesn't make the game slower. You can just spindash you way out.

    Point is, fans today have a too low expectation, even if there are good Sonic games, people find ways to bash the franchise, saying the Sonic games are dead. No, they're not, it's just that YOU made it so that Sonic died a slow, painful but unnecessary death.

    I mean, wasn't the cause of the downfall of the Dreamcast the lack of sales? And who actually provided these sales all those years on these other consoles? It had always been the fans. So why the heck would the Dreamcast sell that bad? It's not because of the lack of games, because I did see enough good Dreamcast games, and the amount of Dreamcast games surely wasn't that low, especially compared to the Nintendo 64's library. It wasn't because of the graphics of the Dreamcast sucked, because, for its time, it was probably better than the other two consoles (the Nintendo 64 and the Playstation).

    I think these "fans" and "gamers" should just stop whining, or stop gaming altogether, because they know jack about games, in my opinion. If you refuse to pay for a game just because "the rest" was crud, you don't deserve to call yourself a gamer.
  • Interesting point of view from GaryCXJK.

    Just like to point out that people always whine. Even in the best of times they whine. So wanting gamers not to whine altogether is prolly as difficult as establishing a real utopia, where everyone lives in harmony and peace eternally.

    By saying that a person who whine should just stop playing is again not likely, as you are choosing the kind of players for your game. Not the brightest strategy I dare say.

    But yar, the demise of Sega had been their fans, but they also continue to strive because of this as well. In fact, Sega is doing so well now, it is really a pity that they left their home console market altogether, with exception to the few studios under them.

    You assessment about fans making or breaking the game is quite true as well. The way I see it, the problem with Sonic is more like the problem with Star Wars. There will always be pressure from fans to put out a new game from the franchise. And many a times, because of economic pressure from investors of the company or the licensing company, the game mechanics do not change much. This may alienate a group of fans who may see the new game as "old". More critically, it is usually seen by the media that this is the next attempt to milk the franchise dry.
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