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PC Gamer UK Review!!!!

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Telltale has finally done it!!!!!

Issue 204 of PC Gamer UK has the reviews in for The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, and the review for the first episode of Tales of Monkey Island.

And the scores are in...

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition - An oddly clumsy reprise of a much loved game. Beautifully hand-painted, wonderfully acted, but some strange design choices. 79%

Tales of Monkey Island: Episode 1
- More fun than a barrel of monkeys, and a fine follow-up to at least the last couple of Monkey Island sequels. 85%

YAY!!! You have won over PC Gamer UK...and they can be hard to please :eek:
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  • I still haven't gotten SOMI...... The first episode of Tales was great though so there's no surprise there.
  • I never thought I'd see the day. Then again, they've got another 4 episodes to review yet ;)
  • Hey, great job! It's kind of disappointing that they only compare it as being worthy of Escape and Curse though. Hopefully the next four chapters will give them a higher opinion of the series.
  • This is like an underrated band getting played on Radio 1 or Top of the Pops. My congrats to Telltale and I'm pleased they got an encouraging score too. Now hopefully they can hit the mainstream gamers.
  • Has anyone actually purchased a barrel of monkeys? It's not what you'd

    And I (ofcourse) got the Updated MI for the Xbox 360, and yeah, the controls were clunky, but the game still rocks.
  • I'm not really a fan of PC Gamer UK. They're a little too up themselves and intellectually highbrow for my liking, and most of their reviews read like something from a 6th form media studies paper.

    Has PC Zone reviewed ToMI yet? I've always respected their opinion more.
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