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The 10 best bosses

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List 10 of your favorite video game bosses and explain why you like them.

vyperspit's Favorite Bosses

1. Pyramid Head in SH2: He's scary as hell:eek:! He also is a great representive of self punishment and repressed feelings that is common in most emotionally damaged human beings.
2. Gannondorf: He is really intimidating and powerful.
3. Mugshot from Sly Cooper: I like the way he talks, and he is funny.
4. Phantom Gannon from Zelda and the Orcarina of Time: He is Gannondorf's ghostly clone with a demonic face. He was pretty awesome as he floats around and tried to kill Link with his lightning attacks.
5. Bowser: I love the classics. He also gains more tricks as the Mario games evolve.
6. Nemesis from RE3: He kicks @$$!
7. Meta Ridley from Super Metroid Prime: I just love any monster that looks like a dragon.
8. The T-rex from Turok360: Well, I am a dinosaur lover.
9. The Giant Twilit Aquatic Morpheel from Zelda: Twilight Princess: He looks like a dragon mixed with a sea anemone and a prehistoric sea serpent.
10. Dark Ansem from Kindom Hearts: I think he's handsom, for an evil villian.
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  • Personally, one of my favorite bosses is Morpha, the Giant Aquatic Amoeba from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

    I think I mostly like it because I think it was a clever idea to make a boss out of a giant aquatic amoeba. How would someone even think of that?

    I also like Smithy, or whatever his name is, from Super Mario RPG, which ironically did not include a boss modeled after an RPG (rocket propelled grenade) launcher.

    And... of course, the greatest villain of all time is, hands down: Sephiroth. It takes incredible skill to make a villain THAT creepy and awesome when the game that stars him has THAT crappy of graphics. A true work of art.
  • 10. Star Wolf (any starfox game)- They have awesome theme music, a hispanic Womanizer, a crazy guy bent on Killing everything, and Red space ships. Come ON.
    9. Bowser (Kaizo Mario World)- Not only is the Boss fight changed, its also MURDEROUS difficult.
    8. Garland (Final Fantasy 1)- Oh no! Its GARLAND! How will my Black mage and three White Mages beat him!
    7. the Tentacle (Half Life 1)- It could only be destroyed by a ROCKET ENGINE.
    6. Specter (ape Escape)- Crazy. White Haired. Technologically ahead of his time. THIS is specter.
    5. Duon (SSB Brawl)- A giant two sided robot with a gun and a sword. Coolio.
    4. Balrog/Pooh Black (Cave Story)- I feel sorry for this Lunchbox/Laptop thing. But his big reveal was gaming GOLD (I'm not spoiling it- It has to be experienced FIRST HAND)
    3. Culex. (SMRPG)- A Mario/FF Crossover? Did I DIE and go to Hell-vean?
    2. the Shadow Queen (PM:TTYD)- I found this match dificult, But I finally beat it by exploiting every HP using thing I had.

    And the number ONE item on the list is...

    Misery, The Doctor, The Core/Hyper misery/Feral Sue and BALLOS. THAT IS PURE WIN.
  • lessee...
    10:the hobo(sonny 2):he IS easy.
    9:giant lazer bird(supertank):fat, lazered, and a tasty meal. looks good to me!
    8:MPI(ms paint adventures):succumb to unfathomable bratwurst!
    7:garland(FF1): "i, garland, will knock you all down!"
    6:krakko(mario remix boss edition): stupid capethingy!
    5:scumm tank(rampage, total destruction):"take this you overgrown lumox!"
    4:darkside heartless(kingdom hearts): beyond words.
    3:bowser(mario): ROWR SPACE MACHINE! ROWR STAR ROD!
    2:the final boss of super smash flash 2(super smash flash 2):i love SSF2
    1:dark beast nightmare overlord(eternal midnight):it will be in a game I make, and it be AMAZING. pulsating, powerful, difficult, evil, ruler of the nightmare realm, and it has a ride with CUP HOLDERS!
  • No-one's mentioned the seven-part boss in Gunstar Heroes? Wow, you people are missing out!
  • the sentry gun:tf2.especiallly if youre a scout doo doo doo walkin into base to steal intel doo doo doo *walks around corner* pshewuh uh uh u hu h uh u hu h u h u "oh crap sentry!" *runs back* "okay think how do i get around it?i know!bonk atomic punch!" *glug*.....what!?!?!?! i cant grab the intel? what bullshi-pew pew pew *dead*
  • Ridley?

    I didn't see that on any lists. Probably one of the all time favourite bosses
  • 1. Darth Traya (KotOR2) - cryptic, mysterious, enemy yet still a teacher.
    2. Dr Morgan (Sanitarium) - scary.
    3. LeChuck (LCR) - real badass. Great scenery (skeletons of your parents, broken machines, feeling of beeing completny lost) + solving a puzzle while he's chasing you.
    4. Ethernal One (PS:T) - great explanation of his origins + possibility to defeat him without a fight.
    5. Darth Nihilus (KotOR2) - well designed but way to easy to defeat.
    6. Domino (Grim Fandango) - I was sooo happy when he died. I really hated the guy.
    7. Firekraag (BG2) - killing him was so rewarding...
    8. Pyramidhead (SH2) - scary. Just wonder how can he walk with such a big head : )
    9. Boc (Jedi Knight) - crazy. Completly crazy.
    10. Queen (American McGee's Alice) - scary.
  • hmm not sure I'll come up with 10 but here are a few

    M Bison / Vega (name differs depending on location)
    Tyrant (Resident Evil)
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