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Earl Boen Mystery Solved

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For all those wondering why Earl Boen didn't reprise the voice of LeChuck for ToMI even though he did for SoMI:SE , it's somewhat explained in this audio interview:

From what I can gather, Earl is now retired in Hawaii and did long-distance recording for Secret: Special Edition because of the special circumstances . The retirement explains why he wouldn't be hired to do regular recordings for ToMI.
The question is, whether he'll feel like doing recordings for a LeChuck's Revenge Special Edition or not.
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  • Maybe they had him already record the lines for LeChuck's Revenge... it's not as if LeChuck says all that much in that game.

    Just hopeful speculation...
  • LeChuck has a fair bit to say but he's not the main character. It'd have been wise to record both.
  • If only I really trusted LucasArts to be "wise"....
  • bobhobbit;171983 said:
    If only I really trusted LucasArts to be "wise"....
    ^ This.
  • While I think Dominic Armato's voice is one of the excellent things about Curse of Monkey Island, I never thought Boen's LeChuck was either distinctive or definitive. It's a deep pirate voice, there's not too much special about it when I hear it. No disrespect to the man, but I'm fine with any interchangeable similar voice.
  • I hope that they get him when/if they remake MI2. It would just seem "off" if he isn't in the second one. At least with Tales LeChuck, it started with a new game and not in the middle of them.
  • This was explained pretty earlier by a forum user who is a reviewer and interviewed alexandra. He told me the same thing that Earl was retired. Its kinda sad since his voice is good in my view.
  • I like his voice... I find it distinct and very LeChuck-y!
    It would be really cool if he would accept doing the voice for LeChuck in MI2. I understand that he's retired, but that doesn't mean he can't do this if he wants to. Here's the problem, DOES he want to?
  • Earl had the best Lechuck voice by far, but the current one in tales is fine.

    But this explains a fair bit. Thanks for the post.
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