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Monkey Island Collectors Edition Queries

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Hi, I'm looking into buying the whole season of Tales of Monkey Island with the free collector's DVD. Is it too late to get this DVD?

How much is the cost of shipping to UK with Tell Tale games? Will I have to pay shipping on each of the 5 games and the collector's DVD?
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  • You still get the collector's DVD when you order. You just pay shipping once, for the DVD, although this is entirely optional. Note that you won't be able to order the free DVD until the end of the season.
  • so I don't have to pay shipping for the games?
  • As far as i understood it, you pay only for the Games now. You can download each episode as soon as it arrives, and at the end of the season you have to pay the shipping cost if you want to have the DVD.
  • Ok, but they said they send you the games via post as well, so would I have to pay packaging for multiple DVDs or just the collectors?
  • There are not multiple DVD's, just one, the so-called Collectors DVD, with all five games on it.
  • oh so the collector's DVD doesn't have anything special on it?
  • That's probably yet to be determined. The Sam & Max DVD's each have a whole bunch of extras (video commentaries, outtakes, wallpapers, music sampler, etc.) so I my guess is that it likely will have something in the form of bonus materials.
  • You don't get the Steve Purcell slipcase on the DVD, that was only for pre-orders. I only say that because I'd call that a "collector's edition".
  • when do we get this collectors dvd? i paid for mine ages ago but i never got it
  • EggsonToast;174187 said:
    when do we get this collectors dvd? i paid for mine ages ago but i never got it
    At the end of the season and when the DVD is produced. You then pay the price of shipping to receive it.
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