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Sam & Max's Voices...

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I doubt this has been addressed yet, as development hasn't exactly been underway for long, but it'd be nice to know who Telltale intend to get in to do the duo's voices...

As I understand it - the voices for the TV series weren't by the same guys as the Talkie version of Hit The Road...
- I've never watched the series - how different *were* the voices? Did they pull it off, or would it be substantially more awesome to get the original dudes back again? informs me that the original voices were by Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson... and as far as I can tell, they're both entirely alive... and both still doing games voiceovers.

Infact - was it them doing the voices in the trailer-vid for the cancelled Sam & Max 2?
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  • I respect your SNM bias as well, and I'm not trying to change your mind here. I'm not even talking about Sam and Max anymore. I just find some of your views of voice acting different from mine. We should make a voice acting thread. ;)

    How many roles a voice actor as taken really doesn't say anything about the quality of their performance. It's not like you can equate Farmer to an A-list hollywood bigshot and Atkin to a brilliant underdog character actor based just on their resume lengths. Full-fledged voice actors do this stuff for a living, and therefore take jobs to get work. They don't always have the luxury of landing roles they were born to play (Though of course they sometimes do, like with Farmer and Jameson in Sam & Max ;) ). And again, whether or not the actor's voice fits what the actor looks like means nothing. I'm not sure why you keep bringing that up. Some of the best voice actors don't look at all like the character they're playing, but that's their magic. They could be absolutely horrible onscreen, but acting physically and acting vocally or two completely different animals. Atkin is gifted at both, apparently, but that's generally the exception rather than the rule. Why?

    I've generally found that the best voice acting, especially in adventure games or otherwise story-driven games where emotion, timing, and quality actually matters and where the dialog is actually important to the game (rather than a marketing ploy or an extra just to add another option to the menu), comes from...surprise!...real voice actors. The worst voice acting is almost always when one is hired because they're well-known names (For instance, I doubt Samuel L. Jackson is in some of the games he's in because he brings the characters to life). Of course, I'm not likening Atkin to that sort of example (he's a voice actor), but my point is that a person's capacity for physical performance has zero to do with voice acting.

    And now, in an attempt to keep this thread on-topic, Sam and Max: I don't doubt that a lot my bias for the Hit the Road voices comes from the fact that the game came out before the show. Once I heard those voices and how good they were I couldn't imagine anyone else playing the roles. I liked the animated show voices (Didn't Purcell supposedly prefer them, by the way?), but...Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson are Sam and Max. That's just all there is to it. :p :D
  • Check it out (referring to an idea for the cancelled LucasArts Sam & Max game);
    Dan: My favorite part of the game was the third episode where Sam and Max confront the arch nemeses they never realized they had. These nemeses were two humans who were also an imitation of Sam and Max. Anyway we were casting for the voice parts and Stemmle had the brilliant idea to cast the Sam and Max from the cartoon series to play the arch nemeses. Well unfortunately budget restraints kept us from actually hiring those guys but that would have been so cool. What we did do was have Nick Jameson and Bill Farmer play the arch nemeses but have them switch parts which was funny as well.
    Just a funny quip...
  • Stemmle. Another "cast member" I'd like to see brought back.
  • Well the good news (as I know you know, Udvarnoky) is that Stemmle and Telltale are in contact and on very good terms.
    Mike Stemmle, veteran interactive writer and designer, says "Telltale's new format makes me all a-tingly with storytelling and design possibilities. It's nice to see a company with the huevos to try something different."
    And Dave Grossman who's proved his storywriting nous at LucasArts is at Telltale of course, so even without Stemmle (or with him in some sort of consultant role), the franchise is in great hands.

    Where's Sean Clarke these days?
  • I don't think Sean Clark's been heard of since the April 2004 layoffs.
  • Just a random bit of trivia... Bill Farmer, the voice of Sam in the game (and the trailer for Freelance Police) is also the current voice of Goofy for Disney.
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    Wahay! - Today's best piece of random trivia...

    Applaud this man!
  • I am a veritable font of random and often pointless trivia.
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    I thought it was brilliance to have the cast of the animated show play the parts of the evil doers...

    I would have loved to have heard even just a vocal recording between the four of them. That's the stuff fanboys are made of.

    I would want the game voices back for this one, as they have already recorded dialog that is sitting on a disk in LucasArts wharehouse... where, I believe, the Lost Ark was put in Raiders...

    Of course, if for some reason those two were unable, I would of course take the TV show. Anyone else to voice them, no... I would be hard pressed to not bend over backwards to just get some original voices for this game, even though the game and series were around 10-13 years ago.

    And don't forget Mark Hamill! :D
  • They did record dialogue, and it is a LucasArts...but LucasArts would own the recordings and Telltale's starting from scratch, so...

    But yeah, to think that there's all this material just rotting away over there. Man.
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