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Case ideas AKA "Things for Sam and Max to parody"

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So what do you guys think would be good "cases" for Sam and Max to tackle? From what I gather of the Sam and Max model, the exploration of zany places or ideas is more important than the case itself--the journey really is more important than the destination. As Situation: Comedy kind of proved, a case really can just be an excuse for the creators to poke fun of something in American culture.

So what ideas do you think would be interesting to explore in the very open world of Sam and Max?

Ideas off the top of my head:
  • Politics
  • An airport/airplane--so many ideas here, with the screening processes, frequent/random/annoying loudspeaker announcements, excessively controlled environments
  • A theme park: almost self explanatory
  • A casino: Well, Telltale's experienced in this area with Texas Hold em...
  • A hippie commune, rich country club, trailer park, or suburbia
  • An office: For "Office Space" and "The Office" type of humor
  • A jail: "Arrested Development" shows how there can be a lot of humor in a jail--also gives an excuse to see old enemies like Brady Culture behind bars
On a related note--if there were some rational way for Sybil to decide to become a pirate for an episode, I bet loads of people would be happy.
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  • Throwing Max into a psychotic fit at a hippie commune would be like Christmas coming twice a year!
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    Squinky Telltale Alumni
    I remember suggesting a Renaissance fair once, actually.
  • I still like the idea of that space station that was in the canceled LucasArts version.
  • Squinky;17276 said:
    I remember suggesting a Renaissance fair once, actually.
    For some inexplicable reason, (I guess the idea of people officially gathering together because of a common interest) that just made me think of conventions in general. And then I thought of a hotel/convention center (probably hotel) where there were multiple conventions going on at once.

    Poorly thought out example: In one area there's a convention going on for the NRA, another area there's the Vending Machine Salesman convention going on, another area there's the cancelled Sci Fi TV series convention, etc.
  • I'd like to see Sam and Max in a VR world, like that short scene in Hit The Road. Maybe putting them in parodies of various popular games
  • I don't really want any more pop-culture references, millionaire and pop idol were pretty painful to watch in ep2...

    But I like the idea of an airport, although I wouldn't hold out hope for a fair - unless it's some kind of tribute to the freakshow from htr?
  • Time travel... oooh....
  • Derwin;17302 said:
    Time travel... oooh....
    Reminds me of DOTT, but it could work--it seems like Steve Purcell does a lot of time travel scenarios in his Sam and Max comics.
  • The videogame industry for its boycott of graphic adventure games.

    It's something I desperately need to be able to laugh at.

    oops, i forgott... That's not the lucasart forum, is it ?
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