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Stupid Question: How do I close the launcher?

posted by JemyM on - last edited - Viewed by 659 users
The Launcher shows me a banner about upgrading to all episodes, on the right side I have a large button with "Launch Game!"

But how do I close the Launcher? The X is gone, and I do not see a "close" button anywhere. I can start the game, then quit, or I can kill the task with Task Manager, but there's no way to actually close the Launcher properly is it?
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  • You must launch it, it is a command ! If you don't, you're life will be aimless.

    Have you tried alt F4 by the way ?

    (I can't test as I'm not on a windows session right now, but I never noticed that...)
  • Unfortunately there's no way to close it, because of how that launcher is built. You have to launch the game.

    You can launch and do alt-F4 immediately if you don't want to load the game, or you can also do ctrl-alt-del and kill whichever process it is (look for an .exe that contains the name of the game).

    Not elegant. It bugs us in the office, too. ;)
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    For the record, the way that aspect of the launcher software works is, at least for the moment, out of our control. That software is provided as a part of the digital distribution software we use, and though much of it is customizable to our tastes, the way it's built doesn't currently allow us to let the user close the launcher without actually launching the game. Otherwise we would have fixed this already - we're aware of it, trust me!
  • Who cares?! You should put the launcher into your windows autostart folder!!!!
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    Is the launcher going to be used for anything productive later on (like patches)? Right now it seems pretty useless after the game has been activated.
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