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W&G Bogey Man puzzle hints

posted by jared25 on - last edited - Viewed by 2K users
How do i get the porcelain key for the "ganges grip?"
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  • You give the milk to the Grandma, get your golf stick in her nut, then give it to the CP, then use the thing you get from him on the pool table.
  • How do i finish the 17th Hole?
  • And how does one find the cup for the long hole?

    EDIT: Found it. Still stuck on the 17th though.
  • The club house has gone MAD and i havent any idea what to do but place a golf club under the clock.? the game has turned into a platformer?
  • Im stuck on that full mechanical steam powered club house.
  • Could you guys first tell me how you managed the second hole?Not the 17, the other one, Wallace always asks me if i've found something i dunno, help?
  • Guys, help for the long hole please, still stuck there...
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