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Telltale's Next Series

posted by PariahKing on - last edited - Viewed by 2.3K users
So W&G just ended. We've got TMI right now.

We've also got CSI: Deadly Intent.

Now, do you think we're going to hear about another series soon that'll be releasing alongside MI or do you think MI will be "monopolizing" attention - not that I'd be complaining - for the next five months, with Deadly Intent being released in Fall as our "alternative" series? S&M is in pre-production still, so I don't expect that.

If I had to make a bet a season two of SBCG4AP would be the next entry. All the characters in the whole series have already been modeled and all the areas. It seems like it would be EXCEPTIONALLY recyclable without feeling cheap.

Or something totally random and new like Telltale likes to seem to do - surprise us randomly.
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  • dkbtf;173684 said:
    Maybe a new Tex Murphy game? We know it's actually in preproduction, maybe it will be developed by telltale.
    A new Tex Murphy game rumour is spinning all around the web. Especially since the creators of the games created an independent studio, Big Finish Games.

    Quote from wikipedia on Big Finish Games:
    The company reunites the creative team of Chris Jones and Aaron Conners, perhaps best known for their work on the Tex Murphy series of adventure games for Access Software, as well as many other veterans of the Tex Murphy series, including Brian Johnson, Douglas Vandegrift, and Matt Heider.
    Their debut game, Three Cards to Midnight, release in May, still showed the interactive games route, giving a mix to the find-the-hidden-object casual game.

    Show them your support for this game, and maybe, just maybe, they will have enough budget to finish up the Tex Murphy franchise.
  • I think Sam & Max Season 3 will be the next thing announced later this year, perhaps around episode 3-4 of Monkey Island (announced, not released).
  • Yeah, i hope it´s Sam&Max Season 3. Either that, or a Columbo Adventure. ;)
  • I do think the next franchise will be Maniac Mansion / DoTT - They have given the impression its the one TTG would like to do the most (The Holy Trinity) and with an existing relationship with LucasArts......

    And having Dave Grossman would surely help get the license.

    The next season will probably be S&M3 though.
  • Sam & Max Season 3 would be awesome!
  • PariahKing;173642 said:
    This'd be logical. TMI until the end of the year, plus CSI: Deadly Intent. Then after TMI closes up shop Sam and Max 3 segways into to catch the old MI fan base who are new to Telltale.
    The word you're looking for is segues although your pronunciation is correct :) A Segway is one of those two-wheeled motorised vehicles you can stand up on. A segue (pronounced the same) is when you move from one state/topic/thing to another in a logical and reasonable way. :)
  • I miss Sam & max.. Season 2 seems so long ago now.. So that's what I'm hoping for next
  • Hero1;173754 said:
    I miss Sam & max.. Season 2 seems so long ago now.. So that's what I'm hoping for next
    I had the impression that it's more or less confirmed and will be starting in december..?
  • The Chronicles of Neverhood.

    I wish.
  • Megaloman;173760 said:
    I had the impression that it's more or less confirmed and will be starting in december..?
    Not quite:
    Chuck;171387 said:
    No, actually, a forum member went to Comic Con and said that he thought the season would start at the end of the year but doesn't remember where he heard that and might have just dreamed it.

    Please be careful attributing stuff to Telltale, because it gets picked up and then turned into people complaining that something hasn't happened when Telltale "promised" it would. Stuff changes all the time, so please don't take something as "Telltale said" unless it's coming from an official announcement.
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