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W&G Bogey Man puzzle hints

posted by jared25 on - last edited - Viewed by 2K users
How do i get the porcelain key for the "ganges grip?"
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  • Were there anything after the credits? Nothing
  • @Sanin9 No problem. :)

    @jared25 Nope! Unless some glitch caused my game to skip it. Which I doubt.
  • There wasn't anything after the credits for me.The last part was nice, like allways, but this Episode was kinda rather frustrating for me.

    Well, time to go to sleep now.
  • I'm stuck on what to do after revealing the 18th hole?
  • I've found the 18th hole, but how do I get the ball there? It just keeps landing in the same spot.
  • I'm baffled. I've got the 17th hole done, and the ball's gone on its way from there... but I don't know what to do next. I've pieced together the 'map' to the 18th hole, but that blustering Scotsman won't let me near the measuring club until he's found the hole.
  • you need to distract him. you've seen how he can be distracted before, in the club house. ring any bells?
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