Who Do You like More? Fiona or Rhys

I was thinking the other day that if Telltale would make a Poker Night 3, they should use their characters from their newest games. Then I thought which character, Fiona or Rhys would represent Tales from the Borderlands. I want to know what you guys think, who do you like more Fiona or Rhys?



  • Fiona would make more sense based on the Poker con artist setting but I do like Rhys more he just has a personality that Fiona lacks in E1

  • I would say Rhys as I still love the line: "I will name my first born, Loader Bot." But they're personality and character traits are pretty much determined by you. Is Fiona quick to attacks her father figure after he screws her over? Is Rhys ready to betray his friends just to get ahead in life at the first chance he's given? While you could probably have enough dialogue for a poker game without going into what choices they made, and who you've made the characters to be, they're likability, at least for me, depends on how generally nice they are as people.

    Wow, that was a long-winded way of say Rhys. Sorry :D

  • So far, Rhys. But I guess it is too early to tell.

  • I'd rather have Vasquez appear in a Poker Night game, but I love Rhys.

  • Maybe Fiona and Rhys could be combined into a single character like Sam and Max, and you could choose who to be the main player, while the other could bicker with him/her.

  • Vasquez had the same voice a Brock Samson, who's in Poker Night 2, so that could work, it would be funny if they ever interacted.

    I'd rather have Vasquez appear in a Poker Night game, but I love Rhys.

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    It be awkward to have Claptrap and A Tales From Borderlands character interact, and having Brock and "Assquez" in a conversation would be really funny.

    Vasquez had the same voice a Brock Samson, who's in Poker Night 2, so that could work, it would be funny if they ever interacted.

  • I love both although I like Rhys more. I found he had more personality than Fiona, at least in Ep. 1.

  • It's really really hard to pick one of both for me, however I love how you can play Rhys as somebody who always says it all was intended that way. :D

  • Loader Bot.

  • Came to say the same thing. 10/10 would play.

    CaveRave posted: »

    Loader Bot.

  • Rhys's phys's.

  • Definitely Rhys.

  • Rhys because he's friggin hilarious.

  • If I were to survive in Pandora, I would side with Rhys, plus he has the loader bot even though it's in bad shape.

  • Definitely Rhys. I hope to see more of his off the wall cutaway scenes.

  • So far the Load Bot xD FATALITYYYYYYYYY.
    And in second ,Rhys are quite cute and badass but Fiona is cute too and elegant...So i vote...A skag !

  • I like the poker night 3 idea. I think, if they did this, the characters would be Larry or Kenny from the Walking Dead, Grendel or Bigby from the Wolf Among Us, Rhys or Fiona for Borderlands and it's a tough pick but I'd say maybe Gregor from Game of Thrones.

  • Fiona, I just really like her character.

  • Rhys is awkward and way in over his head just being out of an office setting. He is perfect for this!

  • I love Rhys! He's such a good character

  • oh Rhy's for sure he the best

  • Rhys. He is a funny guy and he has enemies in high places that will lead to other funny things down the line.

  • Rhys is funnier and goofier and his flaws make him the more likeable character imo c:

  • I do like them both, but Fiona's psycho talk is just too darn sexy.

  • They are both REALLY likeable but I just gotta go with Rhys on this one.

  • After one year with Frog's pic as my avatar, I have changed to Rhys' pic. So, yeah, Rhys is my favorite. :)

  • Definitely Rhys :)

  • Ugh, this is hard. I love Fiona, because she's so badass, and Laura Bailey is one of my favorite female voice actors, but I have a serious thing for underdogs and funny guys (whether they're intentionally funny or not), so I'm gonna have to go with Rhys so far. Might change as more episodes come out.

  • I liked playing as both equally.

  • Why not both, switching out every few games, fighting/yelling at each other to see who get's a turn.

  • Fiona

  • Damn, I would have to go with Rhys, his badass entrance in Vasquez's car with Vaughn the moneyman was just too damn epic. But I think next episode they are going to focus on Fiona more this time.

  • Rhys. I found Fiona's hypocrisy to be tedious.

  • Definately Rhys. He is funny and has personality to him. I bet Fiona has it, too but we didn't get to see it in E1.

  • Rhys all the way. I really love his personality.
    He's just too darn sexy.

  • He is way too funny to not love him ,too sad everybody is always leaving him behind poor guy xD, well ...both chara age great but come on, lets admit most people enjoy playing as him most , still there remain 4 episodes to get to know better the characters, just saying.

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