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Whens the next XBLA Episode coming?

posted by droobey on - last edited - Viewed by 557 users
Got some Microsoft Points today and want to get fright of the bumblebees.

But whens the next one coming out. Want to make sure I have enough Microsoft points!
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  • Not until the end of the Summer of Arcade, at least.
  • Anywhere from August 29th to Forever.
  • Don't even bother waiting... I waited since the day Fright of the Bumblebees came out, hoping & praying that it would come out the next week.... well after about 5-6 weeks of hoping & praying, I got tired of waiting & just bought The Secret of Monkey Island instead.... It was well worth the money too might I add.
  • Supposedly we'll be learning more today.
  • StLouisRibs;173478 said:
    Who are you talking too?
  • roberttitus;173527 said:
    Who are you talking too?
    If it was to me I was referring to emails from Telltale.

    First statement (yesterday) was "We'll also issue a press release tomorrow with full details on the finale and plans for future Xbox LIVE releases."

    And in that press release (today) it says "Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures made its debut on Xbox LIVE(R) Arcade this spring with Fright of the Bumblebees, which can be downloaded for 800 Microsoft points. The series is due to complete its Xbox LIVE Arcade run in the coming months, with the official release date announcements expected shortly."

    So announcement soon. Understandably Telltale seems to have their hands full at the moment. heh
  • I too am waiting for this one and i have reserve my remaining MS points for this one (skipping some summer of arcade games until i get this). We really need a release schedule in the near future.
  • I just recently went through Fright of the Bumblebees with the sole purpose of getting all the achievements, and now that I'm done with the series on PC, I am waiting for the XBLA versions for an excuse to replay through them and get the achievements.
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