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Just wondering if Telltale support team works overnight...

posted by maraxusok on - last edited - Viewed by 258 users
It's almost eight pm in here the other side of the world. I have tried to download the game through the download manager but it stops at 4MBs, so I downloaded the other version. Since I purchased the whole season 1, it seems there are some problems with the "I've already purchased this game" option... so the only option I have is to send the email with the fingerprint... I figure it must be early morning in the U.S. and I want to know if I will get my activation code by tonight(in my timezone). Thanks. Xavier (sorry, my enter key is broken)
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  • Well, I was answering support emails until midnight last night, and now it's 10:30 and I'm at it again. Not quite overnight, but better than a lot of companies. ;)

    If you emailed support while we were sleeping, you should have an answer fairly soon now.
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