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Still don't quite get the club swap

posted by Batteryboy on - last edited - Viewed by 228 users
I can see how to hit the pictures in the right order, but no idea how to get my hands on the straight club. Can't seem to do the swap. Any help appreciated.
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  • He'll notice if you replace it with the driver, use another club instead!

    Which is the order? The one in the panflet you get from Flit?:confused:

    It says six, but there are only 5 paintings!

    EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out myself! XP
  • Yes I used the order from the pamphlet, plus an extra one up the middle from the ladies tee

    Thanks I got the golden key, now only the porcelain one to find..
    Hope I don't spend all day trying to solve that one.

    They keep wanting me to look at the clock, but I already have the silver key....

    I played the white from the snooker table as well...

    Going for a walk, hope I get a clue when I get back.
  • Figured it out and finished the game. Cracking fun eh?
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