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Yet another Situation Comedy startup crash

posted by Djingis Kan on - last edited - Viewed by 556 users

I just downloaded Ep 2 after purchasing the season 1 update.
In fact I downloaded it three times by now (is it normal that, the "SamAndMax_SituationComedy_Setup_offer.exe" downloaded with different "Download SamAndMax_SituationComedy_Setup_offer now.exe"s are different?), but everytime after I install the game (which works fine), when I start it and press the "Lauch Game" button it soon crashes with something like "Error: Access violation at 0xblabla (tried to read/write to 0xblablub), programm terminated." (read and write both occur, I couldn't find a pattern there).

I'm running Win 2000, yeah I know the FAQ here says XP only, but:
a) the download page tells me "Windows XP/2000"
b) Culture Shock (XP only on the download page) didn't have any problems

Thanks for any help,

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