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how do i get out of the studio in part 2

posted by brettfurve on - last edited - Viewed by 781 users
i think i've done the stuff i need to but i can't find my way out so i can go back to bosco's etc
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  • The empty stage where you auditioned turned into Embarrassing Idol, so the door's in there now.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    (Go out the door on the far left end of the sitcom stage to get to the audition room)
  • it was driving me crazy
  • Yeah, it wasn't terribly intuitive... :(
  • That logo is part of the Barrelhaven set which you can see better in the empty set half obscured behind a wall - Barrelhaven being a location from the Bone games.
  • OH YEAH! There was that door to that set before auditioning... I was wondering where it went. :)
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