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Episode 1 vs Episode 2?

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Thoughts? Personally I liked Episode 2 better. The jokes made me laugh, rather than smirk. The villian had more personality and life, and the third party characters were hilarious (Bosco is by far the best, but Hugh Bliss was good). The whole episode was shorter it seemed, but I wouldn't say the difficulty level was any different. The trickiest part for me took 5 minutes to figure out instead of 4. What I like best is the scenery, the whole television studio set had this darker bizarre aura that gave the true feeling of a Sam and Max game, kinda like some of the locations in HTR. Maybe its just the nostalgia kicking in, but I felt like I was in Rubacava in Grim Fandango. Episode 1 has the outside of the creepy theater clinic, but you dont spend much time there and its all laughs and giggles and organs inside, not nearly wierd enough.
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  • Lysandus;17693 said:
    For example, why would you even want to tape that sitcom before you knew why, or do any of the other shows? It probably would've been better to place the door to Myra's studio right at the start. Give a bit more direction earlier on, don't make us accidentally solve puzzles before they're even put to us.
    I totally agree with this, I solved the Midtown Cowboys sitcom before I did anything backstage, and it really wasnt necessary.
  • well, that's right, i haven't thought much of the structure of the game... it's just that when you say "a monkey island feel", i expect something more of an ambiance ^^
  • It's hard to decide which one is the ultimate Sam & Max-episode yet released, but I think the second episode is slightly better. The characters, particularely Sam, Max and Bosco, are more alive and hilarious than ever, and that makes the entire episode sparkle with charm! ;)

    I admire the Telltale-gang for what they have managed to pull off! :cool:
  • Yeah, I wasn't so fond of Bosco in the first episode, but I'm really starting to like him now. Great characters in general, especially the director and Hugh Bliss, definitely a step up from episode 1. Sybil is still very hum-drum and "too normal" though.
  • I have to say, almost everything was better in this game. I thought the humor was improved, as well as the puzzles, and I liked the animation/models.

    My main complaint is that it was way too short. The first one took me about 3.5 hours. This one took about 2 hours. I don't think it should necessarily be way more difficult, I'd just like some extra content here and there. Maybe a little mini-game in each episode?
  • I did like episode 2 better. It was short, but lots of fun.:D
  • I liked episode 2 even more than the first one. The humor was better, and the tv-show riddles where just great! I hope EP3 will even top this!

    I just wanted to put that out there. Annoying as hell on paper, but his voice is really funny and the whole character made me smile. Hopefully he'll be back in later episodes! Bosco was also much funnier this ep, his "British" impression was pretty funny (speaking as a "Brit") - would be cool if he had a different disguise every episode, though that joke might get old.

    Episode 2 seemed much shorter to me, but I think it was because there wasn't much to do around S&M's office, just a couple of puzzles and not a single thing to do in their actual office. To be honest, I'd like to see subsequent episodes move away from their neighbourhood rather than just re-use the same characters and locations at the start of every case. Especially when Telltale made such good new environments this episode, the TV studio was great and I laughed quite a few times when the shows were "on-air".

    Episode 2 gets my vote, just a little longer and more difficult next time eh?
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