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W&G 104, The Bogey Man - My game didn't save

posted by ReNeilssance on - last edited - Viewed by 220 users
Hey! I got round to buying the Bogey Man this morning, had a few hugely enjoyable hours playing on it. I got to what I assume is the final section, where Gromit is running on the treadmill carpet, when I decided to have some lunch. However, when I quit the game, it didn't save where I was. I don't particularly fancy playing through the whole thing again, so is there some way to go directly back to this place in the game?
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  • Hey Neil, I'm not sure *why* it didn't save, but in the meantime I've attached a save. It should go in \My Documents\Telltale Games\The Bogey Man.

    As for why it isn't saving, have you moved My Documents? Do you have UAC on? Do you have admin rights?
  • Cheers very much! I have been playing it on a shared pc while my laptop is being mended, so it's probably the admin thing. Thanks for sorting it out!
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