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Is there hope for running ToMI on my Late 2007 MacBook?

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From reading the other threads here, I understand quite a few people have got ToMI to run on their MacBooks via various combinations of Bootcamp, Parallels, Crossover with various versions of Windows. I have not had any luck so far with my Late 2007 model MacBook, but I would much rather continue to work away at it than ask for a refund.

However, one of the tech support staff mentioned in another thread that the chances of getting ToMI to run on computers with Intel graphics cards are slim to none (not their exact words) and unfortunately this is precisely what my MacBook has - an "Intel GMA X3100 using 144MB RAM" specifically.

My question is, is there any hope at all for me being able to run this? I have both Crossover and Windows XP via Bootcamp, so there's a couple of avenues I can try. I need to know if there's light at the end of the tunnel though!
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  • I have a 2006 black macbook thats been upgraded to 2gb RAM and a 150gb HD, but even at the lowest of all settings the game was unplayable. Far too slow. So I don't know how much luck you will have, but all the best.
  • I know unfortunately little about the various crossover options, but your best hope with the graphics card is to try getting the most up-to-date drivers you can find.
  • I effectively completed the game on my girlfriend's late 2007 MacBook (Core2Duo 2.16GHz, 2GB RAM, Intel GMA 950) at graphic level 3, min resolution but it was smooth enough and looked great eventhough.
  • MacBook black here with the X3100.

    No luck with CrossOver, and no luck with Win7 + VirtualBox and 3D accel on. Gives a white screen with background music.

    I'm using other laptop for S&M and ToMI.
  • My advice would be to try the demo. You get as far as the end of the first scene and you get the Tresure Hunt, which should be sufficient to determine if it runs or not.
  • White MacBook 2007 here, 2.1ghz with integrated Intel GMA 950 (the graphic card that came with all MBs *before* the X3100), I can play perfectly TOMI using bootcamp and windows XP at 1280x800 with quality set to "3", increasing the quality will make the game way to slow to play, even in the menu.
    I have to say that I upgraded my MB with 4GB of ram though...
    No luck using Vmware Fusion on OSX, will give a white screen but anyway, I think it would be way too slow to play. Just use boot camp!
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