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Tales of Monkey Island missing STAN!

posted by bugzbunny90 on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users
I am a Monkey Island fan from ages! nd i am trained in the arts of monkey combat! And like everyother fan i have noticed in every installment there are few charecters which are must like Guybrush Sleepgood lolz ofcourse .. Elain ..Lechuck ...voodoo lady... STAN!!!!!! ..No Stan in tales of monkey island :( ended the game Stan ..otherwise brilliant, epic, hillarious, thrilling and swashbuckling game just like everyother :) pleaase dont miss out Stan in the next parts :D ..

oh nd insult sword fighting love that as well .. wonder who is the chic at the end :S ..could it be carla? :rolleyes:

P.S "Thats the second biggest monkey i have ever seen"
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