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VPU error

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Hi, I am trying to run sam and max but for some reason when in the opening it says Sam & Max, when the letters come up, it will freeze. If i leave it, the screen will go black and it will start up again for about 1 second then freeze again. I am running a ATI Radeon 9800 graphics card with 512 ram. From what i've read, my computer is capable of running this game. I have the latest drivers installed too. First i tried it with the cd drivers, then i upgraded from the site, but same thing. If i try and press ctrl+alt+del, either my hard drive will shut down completely and i have to manually shutdown my computer or it will come up with this error:

VPU Recover has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphics driver commands

I have read upon this issue and i have tried to turn vpu recovery off and i also turned off Prepare an error report...
I have also tried to change all settings to performance and not quality and i have tried AGP speed 2x and 4x, along with making the resolution 600x800.
I have also tried deleting prefs.prop file

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  • well, i don't play that many pc games but i have played broken sword 3 and dreamfall recently and they have both worked fine with no errors.
  • Kevin, which catalyst drivers do u have? or anyone else who's played the game and has a radeon 9800 card, what version of drivers do you have?

  • A 9800 with 512MB memory? Sure about that? I'm 99% sure they only came with 128MB or 256MB.

    Anyway, I have a 9800 128MB and the game runs just fine on the the 6.11 drivers here. The error you're getting usually happens if the card is overheating or just plain malfunctioning. You could, like Steltek suggests, try opening you PC and checking if the card's fan has become disconnected or something. That would certainly do it. Clearing the card's heat sink of bunnies is also a good idea. Other than that, I don't really know what to tell ya. Could be the card is fried... Hard to say.
  • I read the 512MB to mean that the PC has 512MB RAM (which should be enough for Sam and Max).
  • Steltek;15228 said:
    I read the 512MB to mean that the PC has 512MB RAM (which should be enough for Sam and Max).
    :D That would make more sense, yes.
  • ya, it was meant that my computer has 512 ram, i realize now by reading it that it sounds like my video card does. Sorry bout the confusion, and thanks for the suggestions, i will try it out as soon as i can and i will get back to you on that.
  • Sorry to double post, but i couldn't find an edit button. I tried cleaning out my computer with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab to get in the small places and no luck. I don't think my video card is fried cause like i said, dreamfall and broken sword 3 run no problem. Also, my monitor is plugged into the end of my video card and so is my s-video cord for displaying my computer on my tv and both are working fine. If I misunderstood something or you have any other suggestions, please let me know. Thanks a lot btw to everyone who has tried to help ;)

    Edit: I do not receive the VPU error anymore. I mean it might still show up, but i'm not able to see it because when it says Sam & Max it freezes and the music still plays but the screen stays still and I am forced to shut off my computer manually.
  • I keep trying...and I keep failing :(


    I would just like to know what the admins think about this or if it's being looked in to???

    Sorry for so many posts, I'm just anxious
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    Kevin Telltale Staff
    I was having a problem on a very old laptop of mine at home, and the "Omega" drivers fixed it. You can find them here:
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