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Sam and Max - Situation Comedy: Game Becomes Unresponsive When Leaving Bosco's

posted by mudge on - last edited - Viewed by 2.5K users
I have loaded from an auto-save just outside Sam and Max's office for the first time and then proceeded to Bosco's; when I try to leave Bosco's, Sam merely stands at the door and I cannot do anything (the music still plays and Sam is still animated but there is no cursor and the game does not respond to the keyboard).

I also tried going to Sybil's first before visiting Bosco's but, while leaving Sybil's was fine, the same problem occurred at Bosco's.

For the sake of completeness: I exhausted all conversation topics with Bosco, tried to pick up the can of shaving cream and then tried to leave. A second time, I exhausted all lines of conversation except the ¨Do you have any...¨ and tried to leave immediately.

I am running the game on Windows XP Professional SP2 with an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33GHz, 2 GB of RAM and an ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with 256 MB of video memory.

Thanks in advance,

-- Paul
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  • I get exactly the same problem. I've now finished Situation Comedy and the only time this happens is when leaving Bosco's.

    I can get around it if I switch to Windowed display modebefore trying to leave Bosco's and then switch back to full screen mode when I'm outside. (Just press ALT+ENTER to switch between windowed & fullscreen)
  • Running into the same issue. Posted it at the wrong place first, didn't see this forum until now.

    The problem does not occur at Sybil's, Sam & Max's office, or the studio.
    Workaround: make sure Sam, Max, and the door are all on the screen before clicking the door.
  • I have the same problem.... but I forgot to save so I have to start over again :(
  • I am having problems with the game when I go into Bosco's, after the rats take the shaving cream and I have too chase after them the game just freezes when I try too leave the shop. Please help!!
  • I have the same problem... played through it twice and it froze at the same exact spot.
  • There may already be some suggested workarounds / fixes in the Tech support forum here
  • I tried the workaround that was mentioned in this forum and it didn't work. I really want too play the game but it sucks when I am not even able too get past the 1st puzzle.
  • I am posting this again in the hopes that someone will actually be able too help me I am having trouble with Situation Comedy freezing. I tried the workaround mentioned in this forum but I am still freezing when I try too leave Bosco's even when I tried windowed mode. Please somebody help me, I really love playing Sam and Max again but it would be so much better without all the bugs, the 1st episode ran fine but now this :confused: .
  • Maybe this can help: When you are done talking to Bosco and watched the skinbodied rat sequence, SAVE and then procede to the door... it will of course freeze again but when you restart the game, it should let you go through the door.

    I haven't tried, but you can try restarting the game after saving instead of making it freeze so it's up to you.
  • Thanks for the suggestion, Frenchdork. Zenmax, can you try it and let us know how it goes?

    Also I'm merging a few threads on this subject into the same thread. Please don't post a new thread to ask about the same question, it just makes it harder for us to keep track of the problems people are asking about. :o
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