my game & account lost

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I was gifted a season pass for Game of Thrones for my Birthday. When I got it I redeamed the code and was going to install it later. I recently tried to sign in, but it was rejecting my email/password combo. I tried the 'forgot my password' tool with all 3 of my email addresses, but apparently I had no account. So I created this account and tried to redeam the game code again, but of course it says it is already redeamed. How can I work out what account my code is attached to?

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  • TelltaleMikeTelltaleMike Former Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact/email our Support Staff at, and make sure to provide the email addresses that your account may be associated with, and the code that you redeemed for the game, and they will be able to locate the account and assist you further.

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