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do you actually laugh out loud??

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when playing a monkey island game do you have a tendancy to grin, giggle, gaffaw, or just lose it??

i am the type that doesnt laugh out loud alot :) when i'm alone, i may giggle a little :rolleyes: at the funnier jokes but i rarely just LOL :D at jokes in games, tv, or video games. i do however laugh out loud :D when i'm with friends for some reason... idk why but it's just funnier for me when i have people with me to share something with :D:D:cool:
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  • Crasher86;179302 said:
    THAT and the way Guybrush dances with D'oro when he finds dark ninja dave had me laughing out loud alone, but controllably.

    For the rest of the games i would usually just grin or smile and appreciate the humour, like when guybrush died on blood island and the game ended.
    Sam n Max had a few lines here and there that had me smile too
  • laughter is good for health so keep smiling and keep laughing :)
  • Hard to remember all original reactions to the original 2 games - after all, it has been 17-18 years. I rarely react the same way when seeing it a second time - it's the shock of a funny bit the first go round that can catch you off guard. But here's a couple I do recall laughing out loud to:


    With Stan on the dock, looking at the sea monkey, with the shooting star and "I think we're having a real moment here"

    Near the end, by the river of lava: "How did you get in here without using the head?" (and the reaction from the crew, alternatively Herman)

    MI2: LR

    On Kate's ship: "What did you do, order this ship out of the back of a comic book?" and "This ship is so small the rats leaving it are humpbacked" - and the retort: "The guy who writes your lines is as funny as your tailor"

    (oh, by the way, another one in that scene is "I've seen COFFEE CUPS bigger than this ship" - another "he's really in an amusement-park" reference?)
  • I lol and tears come to my eyes.
  • Only ToMI actually made me laugh out loud. There were plenty of giggle-y moments in the other games, but laughing out loud... only in Tales.
    My brother doesn't like to play adventure games, he likes to watch me play them. ToMI is the only adventure game/episode that he actually played, enjoyed and finished. :D
  • I laugh outloud at cultural references mostly and when things become completely insane. Oh and whenever Sam answers the phone at the beginning of the episodes.
  • Yup, all the time :) even got my boyfriend to play through Tales after he watched me almost fall to the ground laughing several times. Particularly "D'oro the Explorer"... and for some reason "giant mystical voodoo sea sponge" just cracked me up... it's so ridiculous that it's hilarious.

    And in other games, yep. Esp Sam and Max :D I still can't hear the War song without laughing out loud.
  • I smiled and chuckled a lot during LotSN, but never actually LOL'ed. But I did laugh out loud when playing Sam & Max season 2 : the scenes with Timmy the rat with his Tourette's syndrome really cracked me up :D
  • Is that a funniest-moment-in-LotSN poll I hear approaching?
  • I think us people who rarely laugh it's not because we don't have any sense of humor, but probably because we have too much of it, so we kinda "heard it all" already, and the bar for what's funny becomes higher. For me, making me laugh means to surprise me with something i didn't see coming, which, for example, TOMI, failed to do.
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