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do you actually laugh out loud??

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when playing a monkey island game do you have a tendancy to grin, giggle, gaffaw, or just lose it??

i am the type that doesnt laugh out loud alot :) when i'm alone, i may giggle a little :rolleyes: at the funnier jokes but i rarely just LOL :D at jokes in games, tv, or video games. i do however laugh out loud :D when i'm with friends for some reason... idk why but it's just funnier for me when i have people with me to share something with :D:D:cool:
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  • Mataku;179375 said:
    For me, making me laugh means to surprise me with something i didn't see coming, which, for example, TOMI, failed to do.

    Even Guybrush dancing? :)
  • Toothless Gibbon;179378 said:
    Even Guybrush dancing? :)
    I saw it more as "god, 3d dancing looks ridiculous" and less in terms of "look at guybrush". But then again, I might have a different sense of humor. For example, I never got what was so funny about, say, 'spider pig' segment in the Simpsons' movie. I remember seeing the movie with my cousin who literally fell on the floor laughing at that and I was like "did I miss something funny that happened here?"
  • I'm an amateur stage actor, so I did laugh out loud in the first scene, when Guybrush is talking with Elaine and she said: "I'm not shouting, I'm projecting"
    Maybe I just don't get some other better jokes because english is not my mother language.
    But I remember several moments in SBCG4AP and both Sam&Max seasons where I actually LOLed (I can't remember exactly wich moments, though)
    With Wallace & Gromit, I've only had big smiles and GIMM's XD
  • I laugh out loud sometimes, but not so much uncontrollable, can't breathe, tears rolling laughter.
  • I played through the game with my cousins, and everything became a lot more funny that way. When we heard "LIKE A VOLCANO", we had to pause the game until we calmed down.

    When I played through Sam & Max Season 1, this was the funniest dialogue for me:

    Sam: Hey, Sybil. What's new in the world of frequent, random career reassessment?
    Sybil: Hi, fellas. I'm really excited! I found the perfect job for me.
    Sam: You don't say.
    Sybil: That's right. I, Sybil Pandemik, am now a professional matchmaker.
    Max: I thought I smelled phosphorous.
    Sam: I thought I smelled that joke coming down the turnpike, burning oil and dragging its muffler.
    Sybil: It's a dating service, Max. I figured that if a smart, successful career woman like me could be having so much trouble finding a date, there must be plenty of other people who could use help.
    Sam: You're having trouble finding your soulmate?
    Sybil: You don't know the half of it. It seems like all the guys I meet are total losers. No offense.
    Sam: None taken. Hey!
    Sybil: Or else they're borderline psychopaths. No offense.
    Max: None taken. It's the borderline cases you have to watch out for!

    I didn't hear the rest of the dialogue because I was laughing so much.
  • I laughed out loud at sam and max 204 when old Sam was saying random lines out of nowhere. When he talked about finding lint in his pocket i really lost it.
  • yes. I've even LOLWDCCSIEROTFL.
  • Mataku;179375 said:
    I think us people who rarely laugh it's not because we don't have any sense of humor, but probably because we have too much of it, so we kinda "heard it all" already, and the bar for what's funny becomes higher. For me, making me laugh means to surprise me with something i didn't see coming, which, for example, TOMI, failed to do.
    yeah i feel that way too but sometimes it helps to stop looking at the humour so deeply and just take it at surface value. it's more appreciating the humour rather than laughing out loud.
    For a large part I thought ToMI was rather childish but i'm an MI fan so i just have to play it. Characters like DeSinge and Van Winslow made me cringe.

    I also thought spider pig was rather dumb...
  • On my own, not very much. But I do happen to laugh every now and then out loud when I find something very funny. Definitely moreso when I'm playing with other people.
  • thatdude98;179472 said:
    yes. I've even LOLWDCCSIEROTFL.
    That sounds painful...
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