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TOMI's Islands

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After FLOTSAM ISLAND, which already known islands would you like to see in the game? I would like to see Plunder Island and Blood Island...
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  • feverfew;178961 said:
    Huh? We've never seen Spittle or Pinchpenny, why should they be touristy?
    If you look on the map while they're sailing, they have those umbrella things that Jambalaya and Booty have.
  • I wouldn't be suprised if we get something similar to the undersea caverns which connected Dinky and Monkey Island (It even connected to Melee Island!)
    So maybe every Island is connected by these tunnels. Maybe the mermaid people or whatever built the tunnels in the first place.

    Still, it makes me wonder if JoJo Jr returned the Giant Monkey Robot. Or else there would be a big crater....
  • I'd rather see new locations than go back to any of the old islands. Not that it would really bother me, I just don't think the series needs it at this point.

    I'm certain we'll be returning to Flotsam at some point during the rest of the season.

    Also a night time island would be cool.

    Is there a rumor starting that there will be an entire episode at sea or underwater? Or is this just a 'what if' & 'how might they do it if' type discussion?
  • It's "what if" I think, but the speculation in part started since there's not a whole heap of different islands on the map... and also since leviathan=sea monster... kinda makes sense for it to be under water.
  • Wasn't it mentioned in an interview somewhere that the entirety of Chapter 3 would be set in one location?
  • Sounds like a good fit for ch3.

    You could awlays find another map, maybe one to the location of La Esponge Grande? Or maybe some other location, perhaps Wally could provide a map? It looks like someone was doing some work on maps in that shack from the concept art...

    I'm getting off track, you could slap a new map on the Narwhal and viola! New islands to visit. At least, I would hope so...
  • All this sounds rather good and rather plausible. Unfortunately, by the chapter titles, I really don't see how they could slip a night island in, unless it was a terrifying/funny showdown island in the last chapter (The Rise of a Pirate God).

    So does this game mostly involve mythical sea creatures? Should be called Tails of Monkey Island!
  • I think TTG have said somewhere that there will be plenty of night scenes.
  • Toothless Gibbon;179458 said:
    I think TTG have said somewhere that there will be plenty of night scenes.
    I really want this to be true but need proof
  • tbm1986;179519 said:
    I really want this to be true but need proof
    The best I can find at the moment (Hopefully he's not just referring to the prologue!)
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