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Holy Crap, some people will be playing Ep 3 in just 18 days time!

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I'm just on my comedown from finishing Situation Comedy, and I realise that Gametappers will be playing Ep 3 from Thursday, January 25, 2007, just over 2 weeks from now.


And that means the Ep3 media, tidbits, screenshots, audio tracks, trailers etc will be starting to hit the internet very, very soon. Now that's what I call episodic.
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  • Thats all very well but my episode 2 still crashes every few minutes :( i dont wanna be tempted by episode 3 untill i can complete this first
  • Have you tried dropping resolution to minimum (800x600?). That solved a lot of issues with episode 1.

    I experienced no crashes on Ep 2 at all - unless you count the no-exit endgame spash screen (which was also a 'feature' of episode 1).
  • Dont worry i've asked about in the support page and im sure they will come up with a solution soon :) ep. 1 worked fine, and i've tried lots of thingsbut it seems a few people are having the same problem.

    Anyways back on topic, im actually looking forward to seeing a clip of episode 3. Although as much as i love what i've played so far i hope the remaining episodes arent all 'solve the 3 main puzzles then confront the boss'
  • I'm still recovering from the episode 2 countdown, now your gonna spring media from episode 3 on me??? :P I wouldn't want it any other way :D
  • God damn, I hate waiting!! I can't imagine what I'm gonna do for the months of waiting between Season 1 and Season 2 of Sam & Max, perhaps I'm gonna freeze myself like Eric Cartman did in South Park waiting for Wii.
  • Well, there will hopefully be some more Bone games, and maybe something as yet unannounced...
  • Man I need to catch up. Still haven't played Episode 2 on GameTap.
  • Then its now you say thanks god for proxy servers :D so us outside us and canada still can use gametap :D so nice. Plus there is a toon of other cool games and cartoon on there =)
  • Ayee! Oh right. I can hardly wait. :)

    On the other hand, all I can do is to wait since I haven't got my whole season license yet. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Maybe my bank screwed up.

    Better not to think about it.
  • I'm loving the episodic format - it suits my lifestyle. Compares very favourably with Final Fantasy XI which took plenty of my money over a couple of years and which I ended up giving up because I just didn't get around to playing it for month so much cos it demanded so much time and it became apparent that most of the content couldn't really be accessed by anyone who had a life. Maybe I enjoyed Sam & Max Hit The Road more but once it's over it's over, I love that there's more to come. I also love the new characters like Bosco and the Soda Poppers. when I started episode 2 my first thought was to check out what Sybil was doing this month and what useful but expensive gizmo Bosco had on sale, the plot came second. I got stuck a couple of times and looked for hints on the forum but it was so early that those problems hadn't been asked yet so I ended up solving them myself :D Keep up the good work!
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