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All info about the Treasure Hunt ***Spoiler***

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I've seen a fair number of posts about the Treasure hunt aspect of the Tales of Monkey Island game, in an attempt to anwser most of them i've made this post.

NOTICE: This contains a fair amount of spoilers, so to the people who wanna figure it all out over the natural course of time >>> STOP READING NOW <<<

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED IN ADVANCE!!! (I'll be using no further [SPOILER]Spoiler Tags[/SPOILER])

Ok, at <b>the date of the Original Post of this topic July 28, 2009 there are only 2 map that can (officially be found) i say officially cause actually there are 6 Totems you can unlock on the Treasure Hunt website after you use the correct codes on the totem puzzle.

I'm not going to give you the Correct Combinations to unlock thoose 4 extra Totems, what i will do is tell you what thoose totems offer you as rewards.

1) SHUTTLEMOC: Gives you the Voodoo Lady Wallpapers
2) ESK'RGOH: Gives you Avatars
3) THINKIKAN: Gives you the same Avatars as Esk'rgoh (for some reason)
4) DSHRAHG: Gives you a $5 coupon code you can use on an order that costs at least $8.95 in the store
5) VRUM: Gives you a 50% reduction code you can use when you buy a single episode from the store
6) OWCHEE: Gives you a 50% reduction code you can use when you buy an entire Season from the store (not to be used on Tales of Monkey Island itself)
7) IKKPTOO: Gives you the Same reward (50% discout on a full season) as Owchee. This Treasure map was officially released with the Telltale Interloper e-mail Newsletter.
8) HAIGHNO: Gives you access to the "Caribbean Journal" a *.PDF file full of Concept Art. (Adobe Reader needed to open the *.PDF file)

These 6 totems can be unlocked 2 by doing the subsequent maps in game (thoose give you Shuttlemoc & Esk'rgoh, the other 4 can be won through various combinations on the totem puzzle.

Solving the Totem Puzzle:
Every tier of the Puzzle has got 4 different parts so thats a nice amount of possible combo's you can try out. The best way for getting them all is assigning numbers to each and solve em all in sequence like:

Top: 1
Middle: 1
Bottom: 1

Then Do:

Top: 1
Middle: 1
Bottom: 2

And so forth till you get it all down to 4.
Soon you'll have done all combo's and you can start using your Rewards.

I hope this solved some questions!!!

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08/04/2009: Added IKKPTOO Information (Thanks to ponk)
08/07/2009: Added HAIGHNO Information (Thanks to sanguinehearts)
08/13/2009: Added HAIGHNO Reward Information (Thanks to mrschaatsbergen through "Private Message")
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